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17 Ideas to start businesses related to the Environment

Ecological greengrocer: This project describes a retail business dedicated to the sale of ecologically grown fruits, vegetables and greens. Environmentally friendly means are used to make these products (no additives are used, no pesticides or inorganic fertilizers are applied, and their growth is not altered).

Computer waste management: This project describes a company dedicated to the management of computer waste. This company will be dedicated to the collection and disassembly of equipment, waste classification and sale to specialized recycling plants. It will also be dedicated to putting used equipment on the market, whether or not it has required prior repair.

Renewable energies – Installation of biomass boilers: This project describes the creation of a company dedicated to the installation of biomass boilers, with biofuels such as pellets, wood chips or agro-industrial waste. The sector in which it falls is that of renewable energies.

This project can be carried out in residential blocks or in public buildings such as schools, nursing homes, town halls and other large buildings with a heating load between 50 Kw and 800 Kw. For powers within this range, biomass heating systems have considerable economic advantages and are generally easy to carry out since the installation can be carried out in the same building in many cases.
Manufacture of soaps with recycled oil: This project describes the creation of a business whose activity will consist of the artisan manufacture and sale of soaps from used oil.
Comprehensive water management laboratory:

This project describes the creation of a laboratory that provides water quality analysis services to different users, both private and public, so that they can regulate and control their emissions and discharges.

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Environmental Planning Company:

This project describes a company that provides a comprehensive environmental planning service. In this case, it operates in the tourism sector.

Environmental engineering study: This project describes the start-up of a business dedicated to providing solutions to the different pollution problems to which the environment is subjected due to human action.

Environmental Education Center: This project describes the creation of an environmental education center; business dedicated to teaching courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. related to environmental matters, carrying out both theoretical and practical teaching.

Solar Energy Installation: This project describes the creation of an engineering company and installation of solar equipment (photovoltaic and thermal).
Ecological Products Store: This project describes the creation of a business specialized in the sale of ecological products.

The activity carried out in this type of business is the sale of a wide variety of products in the preparation of which additives are not used, pesticides are not applied and their growth is not altered.

Ecological Farm: This project describes the creation of an ecological farm, that is, a farm dedicated to the production and sale of organic products and, more specifically, organic eggs.
Recycled Goods Store:

The activity that takes place in this type of business is the sale of a wide variety of items made from recycled materials, which range from items made of paper and plastic, motor oil, garden tools, clothing, to bazaar items and home decor.

Environmental Consulting: This project describes a company dedicated to environmental management.

As this sector is very broad, in this project the business will be delimited to offer environmental consulting services, being able throughout its history to expand its offer to other fields of the sector.
Toxic Waste Management: This project describes a company dedicated to waste management and, more specifically, a transfer center.

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The transfer centers are in charge of receiving, storing and preparing the waste Guatemala Email Database  to send it to landfills, treatment centers or other types of industries, as the case may be.

Just a few decades ago, the Internet was presented to the world as something unknown and completely alien to the business world, especially with regard to online sales , and only in a matter of a few years that interconnected portal called Internet was opened to the world and it evolved giving rise to a new portal as we know it today, a tool and communication medium as powerful as the word itself.

Solar Garden:

This project describes the creation of a solar garden, which consists of installations of photovoltaic panels in a field taking advantage of solar radiation to generate electricity.
Snail Farm:

This project describes the creation of a snail farm. This business (whose art is called heliciculture), basically covers three different levels that are: The breeding itself, the processing and the sale.
Recycling company:

This project describes the creation of a recycling company. Specifically, its activity focuses on the recovery of waste (mainly paper and cardboard) for subsequent recycling by waste management companies.

In this way, its function is to make it easier for people and companies to separate and recycle garbage. Recycling is the process of collecting and to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower transforming waste or used materials into materials that can be used or sold as new products or raw materials.

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