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3 Keys to make your business model profitable

Welcome to a new article in my series! My name is Gabriela Turiano and I am a specialist in Marketing & Professional Business. This is my question for you today: Do you want a profitable business model? I show you 3 keys that will be essential to achieve it:

Many times we believe that the reason why a business does not work or is not profitable is because the idea is not good or does not respond to a specific need in the market. These, of course, are crucial factors in building a business but they are not the only ones. But if you already have these points covered, what is it that can cause your business to not work?

One of the most forgotten and neglected factors is usually the “business model” . What is a business model? In simple words it is a design of the  Denmark Email Address macro business strategy. It is what answers the business questions that begin with “how.” It is not just about what service you are going to offer,

what clients you are going to have, what need in the market you are going to solve, but “how” are you going to achieve all these things. This is the biggest question mark. Why? Because it can make the difference between “a fantastic idea wasted in a business that did not work” or “a good idea generated in a fabulous business model that made it profitable.”Usually when I talk to entrepreneurs who have their business up and running and it is not working, one of the questions that bothers them the most is “why can’t I sell my services if I have super competitive rates ?!”.

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My response to these types of concerns is usually “if the best you can say about your service is something related to your rates, you are competing for prices.” And why is this wrong? Because if you compete for prices, you are a number (as crude and direct as I tell you). And if you are a number, there is always someone who can have a number 5% lower, and they will beat you.

So… what is the answer? A high value-added service has more than just the rate number posted on the front. It implies a series of results and benefits that your client will achieve by working with you. Which are? That depends on you and how you design your service.

The more differentials you have with respect to the competition, as long as these are what your client needs, the closer you will be to being their “ideal service”. And I assure you that when your client finds his “ideal service” and has convinced himself that you are the one who can best help him, the rate will take a back seat. Something to solve, of course, but not the most important thing.

How about an example? Suppose you have to undergo a mild surgical intervention, nothing serious. You have time to analyze several doctors or clinics and thus choose the one that offers the most peace of mind, confidence and security. I’m wrong? These three factors, peace of mind, confidence and security are the most important for you, and probably not the price. So you meet two doctors: one of them shows you his credentials, testimonials from those who have undergone surgery with him,

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he tells you what your post-operative surgery will be like, what will happen before and after, etc. And once you are clear about all that this doctor can offer you (risks, benefits, etc.) then he tells you what his fees would be. The  before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket  second doctor you see greets you telling you that your smartest decision is to hire him because he has the lowest price on the market. What do you think? I leave the conclusion for you to think about it …

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