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5 Negocios rentables con poca inversión que puedes iniciar el 2017

This year ends and 2017 is approaching. Have you achieved your goals? Have you started the path of business and entrepreneurship or are you still like a few years ago?

He says a famous phrase: “to get different results, you have to do different things.” Therefore, today I propose to evaluate the following business ideas, which you can start to carry out, next year.

Do you have any skills that you would like to teach? Do you have any special knowledge? Set up an online course. Prepare the content, write some supporting texts, make some videos and go ahead. You will start to make money and have your own business.

2. Weeding Planner
Are you a retailer? Do you know how events should be organized? Do you know everything that is needed and do you have the necessary contacts to organize weddings? If you answered yes to all these questions, let me tell you friend, that you are losing money. You can be a weeding planner from now on, and start setting up and developing your own business. Do you fancy the idea?

3. Create your own Blog
If you like to write, you can create a blog about a topic that you are passionate about or that you have a lot of knowledge about. The income of a blog comes from the sale of advertising, the sale of products related to the topic you have chosen, the sale of affiliate products or the sale of consultancies related to the topic you handle.

It would be an excellent idea since in our society more and more people are heading towards a healthy life, improving nutrition and health in general.

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4. Take advantage of the Christmas holidays
And with the profits that you can obtain on these dates, you will be able to have a capital to start a larger profitable business, in 2017.

You can offer your services as a decorator of houses and Christmas trees, make and sell panettone, make Christmas cards, buy and resell clothes, make Christmas items, prepare Christmas meals, and the list can even become a book.
Now if your profile does not fit the type of buying and selling business, or the service one. You are a person who has a more productive, industrial type business profile, we recommend:

5. Set up a quail egg factory
For this type of business, a business plan must first be developed. The capital that will be needed must be evaluated. You should do market research and then put a marketing plan in place.

Quail eggs are one of the foods preferred by the Spanish-speaking person.

On the other hand, a bad idea thinking about the socioeconomic situation we live in China Email Address may not be so optimistic as to invest economic resources in a sports training plan, well according to its price, of course.

For this reason, before jumping into the pool of starting your business on the internet, I advise you to follow my complete online business analysis guide where I talk about the product, the value proposition, the competition, keywords and viability.

But in this article I present a summary with which I intend to capture your attention, for this we must look for an ideal client with an unsolved problem or with a solution that we can improve or offer in a different or better way.

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Let’s continue with the example, I like to explain examples more than theories that are difficult to understand, but take it for what it is, a simple example. I am not a sports coach, obviously.

Sports plans in general is an immature idea but we begin to mature it when we focus on a specific client, for example exercises for pregnant women or kids aged 14-18 from soccer schools who want to improve their physical performance.
In the first email you send them, you ask them for personalized information on their needs and you generate a training plan that, following a general pattern, you can easily customize with the data they send you.

If your solution is better than the current ones, your client will have no problem paying a monthly amount even less than a personal trainer or gym  you have already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store  and also being able to perform the exercises comfortably from home. These are specific customer specific problems that we may be able to solve more efficiently than current solutions involving going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer.

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