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5 Options to earn extra money without having to sell

Nobody is bad for extra money, especially if I told you that you can earn money without having to go out and sell … How?

I guess I have already captured your curiosity, well, I want to share five alternatives to earn extra money without having to sell absolutely anything.

These business options arise thanks to the rise of the Internet and allow you to generate some money and all you need is to invest your time, effort and, in some cases, your knowledge.

Below are the 5 proposals:

How to earn money with your images?

ShareAPic pays us money if we are good at uploading our images on their service, here the details: Also, we can get gifts from Amazon and eLuxury How to earn money with your knowledge?

Just Answer pays its experts for providing random answers to its users. (The added difficulty here is that the system only works in English). Details:

Buxr offers a way to earn money by sharing coupons and offers online. If we find a great deal, we share it on Buxr and if the community finds it useful, we win.

Daily prizes: US $ 10 and monthly prizes: above US $ 100.
Alternative Awards: Cups
How to earn money for participating in social networks?

My Lot is a social network that countries its members for having an active participation within the community, participating in discussions, sharing photos, inviting friends, etc.

Amazon Mechanical Turk pays money to complete “HITs” – Human Intelligence Tasks – simple tasks that are impossible for a machine to do (a good example of these tasks is Google Image Labeler, which helps improve Google image search).

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An example of HIT is answering the question “Are these two products the same?” or by completing a simple task: “Find the item number corresponding to the product in this image.”

You probably have many ideas to start a business or on the contrary you only have a single idea, but an entrepreneurial spirit and many desires to start, you also have the necessary resources and little experience in the field to which you want to dedicate your venture .

If so, a good alternative would be to focus on investing in a franchise for a product or service that catches your attention and with which you can develop your business idea.

Investing in a franchise has the following advantages:
Today, franchises have become one of the best and most effective ways to run a successful business. The United States is the main franchise dealer, the  Egypt Email Address concept originated in France and is derived from the term “franchiser”, which means “to assign” or “to grant.”

Let’s see, what is a franchise and how does it work?
“A franchise is a system for marketing goods or services in which one person (called a franchisor) sells to another (called a franchisee) the rights to use a registered trademark, a proven method or procedures that allow you to start a business. The franchise owner obtains royalties from the profits generated by the buyer’s business.

A franchise is made up of at least three main elements:

Trademark rights
Methods and procedures of the business registered under the brand
Advice, assistance and communication from the franchisor to the franchisee
It is important to note that franchise is a legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, trade name or advertising symbol and an individual or group that wishes to use that identification in a business.

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The franchise directs the way of conducting a business between two parties. Generally, a  to  Buy Leads the basket googlofranchise sells goods or services that are supplied by the brand owner or that meet their quality standards.

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