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If you already know in advance that you will use your laptop for gaming it is definitely worth investing in a gaming laptop designed for this purpose. But don t forget that choosing the right mouse and monitor is very important for gaming. So read our tips tips if you re getting lost in the flood of gaming monitors.

Gaming mice buy the right one and gain an advantage over your opponents Gaming mice buy the right one and gain an advantage over your opponents August by Harvey Norman Gaming is fun whether you do it as a hobby after school a night out after work or professionally for hours a day. As you know you need more than just a good computer to play. There are also gaming mice there is a wide selection of gaming headsets and microphones on the market and illuminated gaming keyboards add the finishing touches .

By choosing the right accessories your gaming space will turn into a real battle station and in addition to the aesthetic value they will also make you play safer and above all more efficiently. Don t buy a gaming mouse based on a recommendation but find th best suits you and your playing style .

We have prepared a short guide on what to pay attention to when buying so that you can more easily find the gaming mouse that is most suitable for you on the shelves. What kind of grip do you have One of the things you pay special attention to when buying a gaming mouse is the grip. We divide them into three groups. . Palm grip. It is the most widespread among humans. It is a grip in which you place your fingers completely on the mouse .

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Gaming mice with such a grip are generally a bit wider and there are many of them on the market as people also use them for everyday computer tasks. They are especially suitable for players of MMO games where a large number of players  grip is or players of RTS games i.e. strategy games because you often move the mouse across the entire screen while your hand rises.

You will be faster if you have as few contact points as possible on the mouse. Usually such gaming mice are thinner and shorter . The claw grip is typical for strategy gamers. The claw grip is typical for strategy gamers. . Grip with fingers . This type of gaming mouse is designed so that the tips of the middle finger index finger and thumb are in direct contact with the primary mouse buttons.

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The fingers control the movement more than your palm. Such a gaming mouse is best suited for competitive PFS games as it enables really fast reactions and movements. They are the shortest and lightest of all mice. If you use a finger grip choose between Buy Leads the shortest and lightest mice. If you use a finger grip choose between the shortest and lightest mice. Three different sizes weight is also important There are three sizes of gaming mice small standard and large.

Choose the right one according to your grip and of course the size of your palm. The standard size suits most users even if you have for example a claw grip . Buyers sometimes do not consider the weight of a gaming mouse although it is also important. There are even mice on the market these days that allow users to add or remove certain components – depending on what they are using it for at any given moment.

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If the mouse is light movement with it will be more accurate. Option of adjustable buttons Customizable mouse buttons can be very valuable in gaming especially if you are an MMO enthusiast . Namely they allow you to create different configurations depending on the game you are playing.

However keep in mind that this type of button adjustability is not allowed in all games and of course check the rules first. When you find the perfect gaming mouse for you just one more piece of advice don t forget a good pad . Otherwise you should be aware that even the best gaming mouse will not play its role as it should.

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