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CSA Summit 2019: The email marketing revolution with standards and new technologies

It has rained a lot since that December 2, 1985, 34 years ago, in which the first email was sent in Spain, from the ETSI of Telecommunications of the UPM. To this day, and despite the opinions of many self-proclaimed experts, e-mail is more alive than ever, although not quite as we would like.

Inbox spam and phishing cause a lot of problems for recipients, damaging not only the reputation of the technology itself, but also that of the senders. Furthermore, in recent times email is preceded by the reputation that it is no longer “modern” enough.as to meet the individual expectations of today’s consumers. However, the number of users does not stop growing, with an estimate at the end of 2018 of more than 3.8 billion users.

Legislation, such as the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force in May 2018, defines quite precisely who can send an email, to whom and for what reason. Despite this, it is not as simple as it seems, when seeing the daily avalanche of spam that we receive.

Email marketers, Internet service providers (ISPs), and email providers (ESP) have worked together for years to make email a better and more reliable marketing tool. The keyword: «self-regulation«. Experts from around the world will discuss how it can work and what technical specifications exist under the banner “E-Mail – Just For You” at the CSA Summit, which will be held in Cologne from April 10-12, 2019.

“Technically speaking, anyone can send e-mails as they please,” says Julia Janßen-Holldiek, director of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA). “E-mails can be created quickly regardless of the platform and for free, which makes them the ideal marketing tool. However, emails and their senders do not always enjoy the best reputation.

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The main reason is that recipients always find in their inbox emails that they do not want to receive, and whose content they do not care about. This, together with the fact that some senders are not concerned about Jordan Email Database  complying with the applicable legislation, and the fact that monitoring of each individual case is impossible, means that we must rely on self-regulation. ”

Email Service Providers (ESP) are a very important part of this self-regulation. ESPs implement mail filters that examine emails before they reach users’ inboxes to ensure that they only receive the emails they want. In addition, certain technical standards must be met in order for emails to pass through the filters. These aspects will be discussed in depth in a complementary workshop to the CSA Summit.

ESPs are especially interested in ensuring that new regulations are adhered to, and that the user experience of recipients is as positive as possible. This is why they work, in part with senders, to implement new functionality and protect users from unwanted events in their mailbox. This will also be discussed at the CSA Summit, in a presentation that will offer an overview of what the emails of the future will be like. New technologies will allow a user experience that has little to do with the e-mail marketing that we have known so far. It will be an inspiring experience for the recipient.

If we assume that an email is “legally clean” and meets ESP standards, we also cannot guarantee that it will be successful and that the recipient will show the reaction desired by the sender. Julia Janßen-Holldiek tells us that the slogan of the CSA Summit 2E-Mail – Just For You »on the one hand underlines the individual right of the recipient to receive e-mails only with serious and relevant information, adapted to their needs, while on the other hand another makes clear the professional desire of marketeers to establish a close, personal, and ultimately profitable relationship with current or potential customers.

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The more personal and individual an email is, the more relevant it seems to the recipient. Several CSA Summit presentations will address this issue and will tell us about how to implement interactive emails or use customer feedback to optimize the user experience in email marketing while maintaining confidence in the use of the e-mail as a means of communication through compliance with the rules.

At the CSA Summit, e-mail marketing professionals, Internet service providers (ISPs),  they will have a Buy Leads  first impression of you or your company.  and e-mail service providers (ESP) from all over the world have met annually for six years to exchange information on mai

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