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Discover all the advantages that email marketing can provide to your company

Creating a good communication campaign has become the main challenge for companies to connect with users and attract potential customers. Among the various techniques that can be used to carry out a good communication strategy we find Email Marketing , one of the most used by companies since it is a very powerful and inexpensive tool , which can report very good results.

Although it seems difficult to create a good marketing strategy, it is not. To start implementing this type of strategy, there are tools such as Mailrelay, which can help you create newsletters thanks to its free templates, send mailings and RSS , manage your subscriber list and analyze your email campaigns. Mailrelay is a tool with a long trajectory, improved from 0 in a new version

Aware of the needs of companies, this tool has improved its usability with a new version that includes a new dashboard with a top menu that reflects the summary of the latest campaigns that will allow you to better monitor. In addition, this new version has expanded its functions, and now has many new functionalities, as well as the traditional functions, auto-responders, bounce control that clears your subscriber list automatically.

Now new functionalities are included such as the possibility of segmentation by groups in the traditional way, or with the new dynamic segments , a new and powerful drag & drop editor With which it is easier to create newsletters, and improved and expanded automation based on registrations, clicks or newsletter opening.

This tool, which has 15 years of experience in the sector, has also improved the statistics by offering more information in real time, providing all the information that companies need about their mailings.

In this sense, Mailrelay offers information on which subscribers open your company’s mailings, how many of them click, at what times and on what days,  Jordan Email Address also providing their geographical locations and which are the best links. All this information will allow you to study the impact that your mailings have on your customers and thus improve your campaigns.

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And, as if that were not enough, when you create your Mailrelay account, you will be assigned an email marketing specialist consultant , who will help you configure this email marketing tool and use your account correctly, so if you have problems with your massive mailings , you will only have to contact your consultant to receive help and to be able to make your mailing as soon as possible .You can manage a database of up to 15,000 contacts

Despite the improvements to this platform, companies will be able to continue enjoying, without time restrictions, the largest free email marketing account, which will allow them to send up to 75,000 free emails per month , and manage a database of up to 15,000 contacts .

More than 200,000 clients around the world already use this tool to manage their mailing campaigns; Among them are some internationally recognized brands such as Iberocruceros, Asus, or Save the Children among others, since with the renewal of Mailrelay, this tool offers special accounts for NGOs and personal brand bloggers.

Do not wait any longer to enjoy the advantages that a communication strategy such as EmailMarketing can offer your company and start following As you can see when writing an email we must take into account several aspects related to both the form and the content

. In addition, in many cases we deal with unknown people, so through that email they will have a Buy Leads  first impression of you or your company. Many companies use email marketing to create brand image and be in communication with their customers. Mailrelay on your social networks to start using this tool for free.

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