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Do you want to be like Steve Jobs?

Perhaps the most popular latest product launch is Apple’s new iPad. This event has aroused much controversy due to its characteristics, and surely many reflections among executives and entrepreneurs who wonder. Can my company ever reach Apple’s level of innovation? Can I be an innovator like Steve Jobs?

Professors from Harvard Business School, Insead and Birgham Young University conducted a study published in December 2009, with 3,000 executives and 500 entrepreneurs, including people like Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, Herb Keller co-founder of Southwest Airlines; and Nickolas Zennström co-founder of Skype, Joost, Atomico and Kazaa. In this study, 5 characteristics that an innovative person possesses were identified.

Association: Ability to connect issues, problems and ideas that apparently have no relationship with each other. This method is known as the “Medici Effect” (name given due to the creative explosion that occurred in Florence when the Medici family brought together people from different disciplines: philosophers, architects, painters, scientists, poets, and sculptors). Steve Jobs himself has said “Creativity is a matter of connecting the dots.”

Do you want to be like Steve Jobs? Questioning: Constantly challenge knowledge with questions like “why not?” what if…? “. A simple way to lead to different solutions. Peter Drucker, a writer and business consultant, said more than 50 years ago:” The important and difficult thing is not finding the right answers, but the right questions. ”

Observation: They know how to identify the needs of their consumers without waiting for the results of market studies. They look at the details  Indonesia Email Address of how people speak, use the products, adapt them, or create new ways to solve their problems.

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They Experiment: Proactively prototype and launch pilot programs. Thomas Alva Edison stated: “I have not failed, I have only found 10,000 ways that they do not work.” One of the advantages of this age is that even more and more consumers are participating in these product tests, and software developers know how to take advantage of it. It is very common to install Beta versions on our computers, while the programmers record how we use it, what flaws it has and how to improve them for a future and improved version.

They network: They relate to people who have different ideas and perspectives. They attend conferences on topics that are not necessarily related to their business. They visit other countries and talk to people about their daily life. Great ideas like the BlackBerry emerged at such times. Michael Lazaridis conceived the idea for the original product when he heard at a conference about a wireless system for which soda vending machines sent a message saying they needed to be refilled.

There are other characteristics, not mentioned in this study, but which are evident when observing the practices of the innovators:

Being an excellent communicator: Good ideas are useless if they cannot be transmitted to decision makers in the organization, or to the team in charge of developing the project, and much less if you cannot persuade and arouse emotions in consumers. Apple’s product introductions are memorable, not just for product features, but for Steve Jobs’s well-crafted and charismatic speech from him.

Do not be afraid of error: Accept the setbacks and negatives that arise in the process as lessons to improve the final result.

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Passion: Being sure that you are in a space that allows you to start the day with enthusiasm to act, and feel at the end of the day that something great has been done.Keeping at least a couple of these characteristics in mind and practicing them frequently is a good start for any professional or team to start developing ideas that change processes and results.

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