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Doppler: new functionalities to enhance Email and Automation Marketing

Do you know why Email Marketing has gained a privileged position among Digital Marketing strategies? We could certainly highlight its unbeatable Return on Investment or, why not, talk about the certain possibility of segmenting, personalizing and automating your messages. However, one of the main reasons why companies, brands and entrepreneurs incorporate it more and more, is because its multiple functionalities are true solutions to grow in the online world.

Recently Doppler , the leading Email, Automation & Data Marketing tool in the Spanish-speaking market, has added powerful new features for an optimized digital strategy.

It’s time to find out how far Email Automation can take your business.

Boost your E-commerce with Email Automation

If you have an Online Store, on the one hand, and a Doppler account, on the other, you can think of easily integrating them. Definitely this will simplify the assembly and the sending of your Emails to attract new clients, convert them and retain them over time.

For example, if you have a Presta Shop Store you could integrate it with your Doppler account and:

– Add a Pop-up capturing new Contacts and potential customers of your Store. Automatically synchronize these Contacts with your Doppler account to make segmented shipments.

– Automatically import the products of your Store in your Emails.

– Schedule Abandoned Cart and Visited Product Campaigns to offer your visitors those articles that they have already seen in your E-commerce.Or do you have your E-commerce created on other platforms such as Shopify or VTEX? There are also exciting synchronization and automation opportunities for your business.

If we are talking about managing your Store in a more orderly and professional way, start by making the most of platform integration and omnichannel . In this way are the automations specially designed for E-commerce of Doppler. We refer to Abandoned Cart and Visited Product Emails , which represent an excellent Remarketing technique for Online Stores.

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Why set up Abandoned Cart and Visited Product Campaigns?

Once you have activated the integration between Doppler and your E-commerce, you can send automatic Emails to those users who have left your Store leaving products in their cart . Some studies show that the dropout rate is between 55 and 80%. If you are creative and include a sense of urgency in your Campaign, you can reverse that trend by getting visitors to return to close the purchase.

On the other hand, what you are doing by sending Visited Product Campaigns is making the most of the behavior that visitors have had in your Store. What is it  Jordan Email List about? Basically, to program Emails that take those items in which your Users have clicked or whose page they have navigated , to offer them to return for them and complete the purchase.

In addition, using Cross-selling and Up-selling techniques you can add more relevant information to your Email and offer them related products or invite them to upgrade. In short, Email Remarketing transforms each navigation, behavior and action of your potential customers into a specific sales opportunity.

With the new Doppler functionalities you will be able to take full advantage of business opportunities in the digital environment. In addition, its 100% Customer Service in Spanish will be able to guide you so that you can do it with the least effort, programming Campaigns that are sent when you define it.

You will certainly have more accurate control and successful management of your  As you can see when writing an email we must take into account several aspects related to both the form and the content. In addition, in many cases we deal with unknown people, so through that email they will have a Buy Leads  first impression of you or your company. Many companies use email marketing to create brand image and be in communication with their customers. online business, while attracting, converting and loyalty customers.

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