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Experian Marketing Services launches the first comparison of email marketing campaigns in the Spanish market

Experian Marketing Services announces the launch of its report “Email Marketing and cross-channel challenges”, in which the most important facts of the evolution of email marketing during 2013 are analyzed.

The study, which has been carried out for several years in France, for the first time incorporates data on email marketing campaigns in Spain and Germany. It also collects testimonies from professionals from the three countries who face these types of problems on the ground on a daily basis.

The study highlights that email is the preferred channel for consumers to receive communications from brands: 70% of consumers who have a smartphone claim to check email from their phone several times a day, while 43% of consumers who have a tablet does it from this device. In addition, half of the respondents are in favor of being asked for the email when making a purchase online, in a store or by mail.

Regarding the effectiveness of communications, the results of the survey show that, list of email addresses philippines  of the total emails sent, in Spain on average only 3.61% do not reach their addressee, compared to 6.36% in France, which It far exceeds the recommended average rate of 5 % that assures companies of the quality of their databases. The open rate in Spain is 29.74% and the click-through rate is 6.46%, compared to 38.49% and 6.74%, respectively, in France.

The data obtained make it possible to distinguish the sectors in which Spain has greater growth potential to reach the same rates as France, where the market is more mature. Thus, the non-profit, pure player and tourism and leisure sectors are the ones that present the greatest differences with respect to France, where the campaigns of these sectors are more successful in terms of clickers.

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In general terms, Spaniards have an average clicker rate (3.98%) higher than in France (3.73%) and the average clicks per clicker is higher in France (1.6 times) than that of the Spaniards (1.4 times).

Uses change, expectations evolve and there is a development of technologies aimed at improving the management and execution of cross-channel marketing campaigns. Looking ahead to 2014, the experts consulted for the report highlight that the success of email marketing campaigns will largely depend on the use of visual elements and the cross-channel.

In the first case, experts indicate that the current trend is to give images in emails more relevance, reducing and synthesizing the text, which should be increasingly impressive. Likewise, a growing importance of video is being noticed. This visual importance gains greater weight with the cross-channel, since the creativity of the campaigns has to be adapted to all platforms.

In Spain, the fashion sector is the one that perceives the highest acceptance by customers: 26.55% of users who open these emails click to obtain more they will have a Buy Leads  first impression of you  information. It is followed closely by the retail sector, with 20.20% reactivity, and training and education, with 17.51%.

Other conclusions of the report are:

In France, the average cancellation rate is 0.15% while in Spain it is even lower, standing at 0.04%
The average number of starts per starter in France is 1.7 times while in Spain it is 1.5 Only the pure players sector (activity only online) has a rate of openings (15.43%) well below the Spanish average (29.74%)

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