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Find out how to create a creative slogan for your business

Thinking about creating a slogan for your website or digital business? We teach you how to make an amazing catchphrase and with examples!


Slogan – the illustration features. In the center. A pencil writing lines of text. Above the paper. On the left side. A magnet
have you ever thought if you could define a product in a few words and help your target audience imagine the sensations and values they would perceive when using it? Because this is precisely one of the biggest contributions of the slogan to your brand.

Of course. It must be consistent with the reality of the business and be closely linked to the motto followed by the entrepreneur.

Want to put this description in more objective lines? Understanding the concept of a slogan and its essential elements can be decisive to let creativity run wild at the time of creation.

So follow the post! You will know the main elements of a slogan. How to create one and even know examples of famous catchphrases.

According to dicio.com.br . The slogan is a short and incisive advertising phrase . That is. It is a short and convincing phrase used by businesses to generate brand awareness and influence the consumer in the feelings they will have when buying their products or services.

Many brands that you consume on a daily basis have impactful and easily recognizable slogans. Even because this is the main objective of this advertising phrase. Do you want to check it out?

When we talk about the famous slogan “i love all of this so much”. What is the first brand that comes to mind? Mcdonald’s. Of course!

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The brand even has an unmistakable melody that accompanies the slogan in its commercials to reinforce the restaurant’s image. Associating it with attributes such as passion for the segment. Persistence and joy.

Another example is german pharmaceutical giant bayer. Created in 1922. Their slogan is very straightforward and easy to memorize. As it relies on the wordplay with the brand name and the letter b: “if it’s bayer. It’s good”. This expression is one of the most famous in brazilian advertising and you have certainly heard it.

Here we go?

The same situation occurs with the drug doril. Can you remember the impactful phrase used by him? “it took doril. The pain disappeared”. The objective here is to make the consumer remember the first medication capable of quickly stopping their pain.

Another slogan remembered by most brazilians is that of bombril: “it has 1001 utilities”. That is. When cleaning the house. You remember that you can use bombril in several different places — floors. Tiles. Stainless steel appliances. Crockery. Pans. Metals. Glass and even mirrors!

What is a slogan for?
The main function of a slogan is to help consumers more easily remember and summarize the characteristics of a brand. Product or service.

In addition. The advertising expression must be related to the day to day of the consumer. In other words. It seeks to show that the mission of the business is to offer what the buyer expects.

Other functions of a slogan are:

in fact. Communication teams do not do this type of work only in enterprises. Slogans are also present in politics. Such as:

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but. How to guarantee that “bubblegum effect” mixed with the Hungary Phone Number business motto and the promise of a great experience? Let’s understand the characteristics of a catchphrase.

Hungary Phone Number

What are the characteristics of a successful slogan?
The most famous slogans in the world have some characteristics in common. Just like the best athletes in the world. You know? For example. Cristiano ronaldo. Serena williams and lewis hamilton rely on discipline. Focus. Right rest time. Risk calculation and much more.

Already the most striking slogans in history are easy to memorize. Are short and to the point. In addition to evoking positive emotions. Shall we talk about each of these topics?

Easy to memorize

a killer slogan is easy to remember because it is easy to repeat and fun to say. The easy-to-memorize technique based on association is called mnemonics and is used in many situations besides slogans: a song. Poem. Objects and others.

This is the example of the red bull energy drink: “red bull gives you wings”. Which is associated with sports. Students and other people who want to carry out activities with dynamics.

The easy-to-remember advertising expressions also feature wordplay. Such as rhymes and puns. As shown in the bayer slogan ( if it’s bayer. It’s good ).

Short and to the point
the most famous phrases in the world are simple. Short and to the point. That’s because you need to impress your audience instantly. And with a complex and long slogan you will hardly succeed. Who does this very well is nike with its phrase “ just do it ”.

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So remember: a slogan cannot have more than one sentence. There are very rare examples that have worked. Such as the sbp anti-insect spray “terrible against insects. Against insects”. However. We do not recommend following this example if your business is just starting out and does not yet have established brand awareness .

Therefore. Opt for the simplicity of a short and objective sentence that at the same time conveys the desired message.

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