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How to Brainstorm Effective

Generating good ideas for the survival and growth of the business, this is quite difficult for us, among other reasons because we are first thinking about the solutions that the clients are not looking for, instead of putting our eyes on the problem that the client is posing to us. and that he is waiting for us to solve him.

It is the same customers who demand the need for a new product or service, they are in charge of asking for it. It is like when a miscellany is assembled, it is the clients who begin to ask for this or that product and the business owner simply has to provide it. Well, this is the simplest way to solve a customer’s demand, but there are somewhat more complex problems to solve.

In the latter case, we must resort to techniques that help generate effective ideas, such as brainstorming, to solve the problem, what the client wants us to solve.

Brainstorming is work that is done as a team, but you may be wondering, does working as a team help ideas to come true or vice versa?

The answer includes both possibilities. On the one hand, an isolated idea can take shape with the help of other people. In this sense, that “two heads are better than one” is an irrefutable truth. But it’s better to start alone and then bring in more people to brainstorm.

According to experts, when the problem is simple, such as choosing a new product name, sometimes it is more productive to work alone. “People who work alone get a longer, more comprehensive list of ideas”

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But there are broader recommendations for effective brainstorming, supported by working as a team, knowing the market and applying some rules to achieve a successful brainstorming process, raised in the article that I found in Soy Entrepreneur and that you I transcribe below:

brainstorm effective

“Another way to get results is to ask your team members to work separately and contribute their notes in a group brainstorming. “The benefit of this synergy is that someone can have an excellent idea about something, but not know anything about other things.

In addition, this system can inspire others to square all the components in the end, ”explains Dr. R. Keith Sawyer, professor of psychology, education  asia brewery el salvador email address and business at the University of Washington. Be careful: don’t let the meeting get stuck on a single topic, let everyone participate.

A creative board should have between two and 10 members, no more. If everyone has a different profile, it is much better to obtain this plurality that experts call “cognitive diversity”. In this sense, it is important that “the conceptual material of your brain is different from that of other people,” emphasizes the expert.

After a first meeting, plan a follow-up session (a week later) to see if anyone has thought of a new way to carry out the ideas proposed at the previous meeting. Sawyer explains that in creative research this period is called incubation, where the self-conscious mind begins to work on the information gathered and suddenly the catharsis of enlightenment emerges.

Sometimes the best ideas come casually or through chance encounters. If you are the owner of the company, you should encourage teamwork and communication. For example, how can we forget about creating post-its: One day after a meeting at 3M, Art Fry was talking to a scientist about a new adhesive he wanted to market. And later, while singing in his church choir, he came up with the great idea of ​​sticky notes that are still a regular consumer item to this day.

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David Romero, director of the Center for Consulting and Business and Financial Innovation at the Technological de Monterrey, Mexico City campus,  to  Buy Leads the basket googlo who has a deep understanding of Alex Defroster’s approaches, clarifies: “We are used to thinking directly about a solution. However, it is advisable to first understand the context, the problem, what the client is looking for us to solve ”.

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