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How to integrate the different Digital Marketing channels?

Digital Marketing channels are nothing more than the means that allow the distribution and dissemination of valuable content, which have the mission of building audiences, gaining digital authority, helping the recipient to know how to satisfy needs and solve problems and, consequently, generate contacts and sales opportunities.

Undoubtedly, a large part of the effectiveness and results of a marketing and promotion strategy in the field 2.0 depends on the choice of these channels and, above all, on their integration. What are the different Digital Marketing channels?
Digital marketing

It is important not to confuse Digital Marketing channels with traditional mass media, even if they have formats adapted to the web world.

It is simply about ways and formats that allow you to transmit messages, information, advice and, in general, communicate. Most of them are their own and free, although there are also paid alternatives.

From now on we break them down into all their possibilities: Corporate blog
This is one of the own channels that should be used in a Digital Marketing strategy. The corporate blog can be one more window within the main website of the company or even an external page, but with a domain that always relates to it, logically.

Generally, this channel is the basis of a digital strategy, specifically Content Marketing.

This is because it can be fed frequently, that is, it can be constantly updated with content, and it is also very flexible, allowing content made with only text to be disseminated and also include videos, audios, graphics and more.

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Also, a blog can be spread from relatively short content, of about 500 words, to extensions of more than 3,000 words. In other words, the flexibility of the blog allows it to satisfy different needs and requirements of the SEO strategy (search engine optimization), something that should always accompany a Digital Marketing campaign.

Another important aspect of this channel is that it can include rich materials or be a canada business email database  link to them. Among this type of content, ebooks stand out, a kind of digital books that are very valuable for strategy. And is that ebooks can be used as a bargaining chip: users can download them for free as long as they fill out short forms with contact information, mainly email.

Search engines
Yes, although brands cannot publish directly on them, search engines as used and powerful as Google can become one of their Digital Marketing channels.

We could value them as a kind of channel gained, specifically through the SEO practices developed in the production processes of blog content. For example, using keywords strategically and using coherent structures are actions that allow you to position yourself among the first places in search engine results and, therefore, optimize the dissemination of the material.

An article that is among the top 5 of Google or another great search engine can reach thousands of visits and even millions.

As for keywords, these are the terms that people use to search these engines. In turn, there are different types, such as head tail and long tail. Head tails are very common and general keywords, since they cover one or two terms, such as “Digital Marketing”. Meanwhile, the long tails are more extensive and specific, as “main Digital Marketing channels”.

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This “veteran” channel, the first of the digital age, still has great power, as it is one of those that allows the distribution of content in a personalized, close and friendly way.

Mainly, through this medium, relevant content can be fed to users who have already shared contact information and, therefore, are considered leads.

In this way, it is possible to lead them strategically through the sales funnel until taking them to the decision stage, that is, the moment they choose to purchase a product or service to meet their needs. Selecting contacts from a list, classifying content and other similar tasks that Email Marketing entails can be time consuming when performed manually.

For this reason, it is important to assess the option of including automation tools and platforms that carry out these processes in a systematic way, guaranteeing a constant and effective flow of nutrition.

Social media
It is one of the Digital Marketing channels that provides direct interaction with people and users. It is synonymous with communication, influence, dialogue and strong ties.

Currently, networks such as Instagram and Facebook stand out for their flexibility if you have already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower,  . In them it is possible to share posts in different formats, extensions and including elements such as emoticons, special effects and various filters. Social networks are especially useful to function as customer service platforms instantly and effectively.

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