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How to start a China import business

This time we will talk about a business model widely used since time immemorial and that to this day continues to be a fairly profitable business. This business is imports, especially imports from China. And in this one we will talk precisely about how to start an import business from China.

Although this is a fairly used business, it can be said that it is a large enough market to take advantage of it and exploit it. However, there are many people who do not know how to carry out an import from China. And that is precisely the objective of this post, to teach you HOW

I will also provide you with 3 suppliers that I have personally used and that have responded excellently, with good quality products, delivery compliance, good prices, a variety of products, and most importantly the respective guarantee that if a product is damaged or wrong they refund your money.

How to import from China? import business from China

Importing from China is quite simple and even more so in these times where technology plays in our favor, and this allows us to carry out this business from the comfort of home or office, I say from the comfort dubai taxi corporation email address  of home or office for the simple reason that that you will be able to carry out your imports from the website of the Chinese supplier, also by this means you will be able to follow the trace of your order and see in what time it will be arriving.

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3 Recommended Chinese Suppliers

As I said at the beginning of this post, I am going to provide you with some Chinese suppliers that I use myself, and that to date have been able to respond very well to all my requests. In addition, they have many products that are sent without transportation cost, which is very favorable to reduce costs and maximize profits, of course, products sent in this mode usually take a little longer to arrive.

Well, these providers are: Moonlighting, Minimization and Delegate and you can find them here.

What does it take to get started?

What is needed first to start this business is the capital, which by the way should not be so high, because you can easily start this business with about $ 500 or $ 1000 dollars. Even more so if we are beginners in imports, it is best to start small and grow as we sell imported products.

Now, as for the way in which we will pay for our orders, these providers offer you the facility to pay by credit card, Western Union, PayPal, or Bank transfer. However, not all products offer various forms of payment, some accept only card. But don’t worry, it’s a matter of knowing how to search well.

If you are concerned about security, then let me tell you that it is totally reliable, because to date I have not been disappointed, but rather the opposite, when I have declined the importation of x product for x reason, they have returned my money without whistle.

The customer service system is good enough, yes, it is preferable to communicate in English, but for that there are translators, in case that represents an inconvenience for you.

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What is the advantage of Importing from China?

The most obvious advantage is the fairly cheap prices of the products provided by Chinese suppliers, which by selling them in your country can represent a good profit margin. Of course, there are products that offer more attractive profit margins than others, but it’s all a matter of knowing how to search very well and compare prices with products in your country. With this we will be able to evaluate how much money the importation of x product can leave you, always taking into account all the expenses generated.

Finally, as I mentioned above, it is always recommended that you start by making small orders to prove that the products are such, and if the service they offer you is to your liking, after that you will be able to import more things and thus one day become a big importer.

PS: This post is aimed mainly for beginners in imports, that is, for people who are just starting in this business. Well, when you are a large importer, it is to  Buy Leads the basket googlo  necessary to follow steps such as traveling, registering as an authorized importer, becoming a legal entity, carrying out procedures such as customs clearance of merchandise, etc.

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