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How to stay up to date on SEO for 2021

SEO changes continuously and each company that has a presence in the digital world must do so with it if it wants to continue to stay in the market. What was effective two years ago is no longer effective now, and what is effective now will probably not be effective in a while. Online marketing is a sector that changes constantly and you have to study its changes over the years to be able to adapt to it.

Web positioning depends on the big search engines like Google or Yahoo, which are always introducing innovations in their way of acting, and you have to follow in their footsteps so as not to stay on the road.

1 But what do I have to do on my website?
1.1 SERPs continue to make a difference
1.2 The importance of charging time
1.3 Is your site still not responsive?
1.4 Voice search is here
1.5 Customize your keywords to the maximum

But what do I have to do on my website?
If you have a website, the most important thing to get business is that it is well positioned and appears among the first results of the search engines, users always take into account what appears in the first results of the first page than what does not, this It is known as organic positioning. Therefore, it is essential to be up to date with SEO news and we want you to know about them. These are the SEO trends for the year 2018.

SERPs continue to make a difference
The competition is very great, in the face of a search as simple as “how to choose the wedding dress”, a large number of results are shown. In the beginning, Google only showed six results under the same format, but with its evolution, today, it shows many pages of results from a single question. And only the web pages that are better positioned will get to appear on the first page, both in “web” results, as in “videos”, or “news”. If you can’t be on the front page, it’s as if you don’t exist.

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The importance of loading time
The loading time of the page should be minimal. This factor has been important for several years now, but in this year 2018 it will be decisive. Google requires a minimum of three seconds of loading time for a website, but it is certain that it will decrease. Make sure that the loading of your website is done quickly if you want Google not to “penalize” you. More and more competitors adapt their website to the latest SEO trends, don’t be left behind!

Is your site still not responsive?
Variety of devices to search: As mentioned above, the computer is no longer the “king” device. Tablets have become the substitutes for browsing, as well as the Jamaica email address  mobile phone, which is used for easier searches, and even smart TVs, so it is important to make the page accessible to those users who browse through the different devices.

Voice search is here
Voice search: with the news that Google has introduced and the awareness that most Internet users do their searches through a mobile device, it can be said that voice search is a fact. By simply pressing the microphone key and in a few seconds, without having to type, many people already do their searches by voice.

This is a big change, since it is not searched in the same way by typing in the search engine than by speaking. Continuing with the previous example, when doing a search on the wedding dress, typing in Google, the search would be “choose wedding dress”. However, when doing it by voice, the search changes to: “how to choose the wedding dress” or “shops to buy my wedding dress in Madrid”. They are much more specific searches that require finding much more specific results.keywords not so strict but more long tail.

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Customize your keywords to the maximum
The Internet offers personalized search results: this means that search engines have updated their searches depending on each person, their tastes and needs. It anticipates what each user wants, which implies that more segmented strategies must be carried out according to the target audience that each company has. If companies do not adapt to this new change, they will never reach their followers.

These are the main SEO trends for 2018, update your website and your content with the news  With this, you can prevent them from selecting the text, something that can generate some Buy Leads with certain web browsers, but it is still effective, serving so that no one, right off the bat, accesses your source code. that the search engines have brought us this year and you will check the results.

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