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How to Stimulate Creativity in Your Company

The truth is, most organizations are designed to kill creativity. When I arrive at a company, the first thing I ask is what happens if someone here comes up with a good idea? The answer I always hear is: “if I have a good idea, I tell my boss and that’s where the idea dies, either because a) he tells me that it will not work, b) he tells me that there is no time or resources to implement it or c) steal it to get all the credit, which causes no one else to want to give new ideas. Many of us managers are, in reality, (serial) idea killers.

However, creativity is essential for the success of any business and today, more than ever, it is key to the survival of companies. Unfortunately, creativity has not been in the priorities of most managers. This is perhaps due to the fact that it is considered intangible, elusive and difficult to manage, and we are more focused on obtaining short-term operational efficiencies, rather than thinking about creating the future of the company.

This is aggravated if we consider that, in addition, we have mystified creativity and we see it as something exclusive to artists, inventors and the “creatives” of  email list indonesia advertising agencies, or we consider it as something that applies only to some areas of the business (marketing, advertising, R&D).

We have forgotten that creativity is a skill that can be used in all areas and all people in an organization. The only difference is that in business, instead of drawing on a canvas, we draw on the market and customer needs, and instead of using paints and brushes, we use strategies, design processes, allocate resources and take advantage of capabilities. human.

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Here is a practical approach to how managers can stimulate creativity in all areas of their company and harness it to turn ideas into innovations that give the business a competitive advantage.

1. Focus creativity: We generally believe that creativity is something that happens spontaneously and that therefore we must let it free to flourish. Phrases like “let’s think with a blank page” and “the sky’s the limit” come to mind. Actually, in my experience and although it sounds counter-intuitive, creativity must be focused and restricted to be effective. I have seen many companies that say to their employees, in a simplistic way, “we want ideas”, and then they get frustrated because they receive very few ideas relevant to the business

Creativity must focus on the strategic objectives of the company. For example, employees must be told “we want ideas to reduce costs in this process” or “we want ideas for new services for this market segment”. Creativity must focus on the most pressing challenges and problems facing the organization. In this way, employees will understand that we do not want any type of idea or occurrence, but ideas aligned to the company’s strategy and that give a competitive advantage.

2. Create the conditions to support creativity: Just as a seed requires certain conditions to grow (soil, water, sun), there are certain basic conditions that we must create in the company culture to support the flowering of creativity.

Don’t kill ideas: Managers must have a humble attitude and recognize that we are not the only source of ideas and that ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. One of the biggest challenges we face is having an open mind to new ideas so we never kill them, no matter how inappropriate they may seem. Many times the most radical ideas, those that break with the “status quo”, turn out to be the most innovative. When we hear a “bad” idea, we must give feedback to the collaborator so that it enriches it and aligns it with the strategy and resources of the company.

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Intrinsically motivate: Many studies have shown that intrinsic rewards, such as the satisfaction of doing a good job, are much more powerful than extrinsic rewards (prizes, incentives, or money) in stimulating creativit

This is why we must try to assign work and projects according to the interests and passions of the collaborators. It is commonly known that companies like to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower and Google allow their employees to work a percentage of their time on the projects that they are most passionate about on a personal level.

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