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Impacting Network, Europe’s first exclusive email network to be measured by comScore

Impacting, the leading company in Spain in Permission Email Marketing shares, has announced that comScore will begin to measure and report on its audience from April 2014, thus becoming the first email Ad Network (Impacting Email Network) in Europe.

As leaders in email marketing, Impacting’s core business is the optimization of results-oriented actions. Among its most outstanding services are Audience Email, Local Reach Email, Retargeting Email, Mobile Email and True Video Email, also being the first Spanish company to market it (1st Semester 2013).

“We have decided to trust comScore to better identify and understand our audience as well as for this information to reach advertisers and help them continue to trust a sector such as email marketing that brings great benefits, both in terms of results and Brand building. ”. Raúl Lara, CEO of Impacting.

In the first audience data, 100% of the traffic will not be considered, since there are technological factors such as those of some ISPs (eg: Gmail) that restrict this detection, as well as the limitations of the medium for security reasons. Another inherent factor is that in 2013 Mobile Email has reached almost 50% of the total, in the MMX tool the measurement universe is limited to home and work PCs.

Press release. The global marketing agency Adsalsa has published an e-book with a suggestive title: «What you should know if you want to hire an Email Marketing campaign«. A new eBook that can be downloaded for free at adsalsa.com, and that tries to solve the main doubts that may be had when approaching an online campaign.

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Beyond what the title may suggest, the document is not structured like an instruction manual. In fact, Adsalsa’s new work is a compilation of articles to take into account in case of proposing an action of this type. Also noteworthy is the structure of the eBook that is distributed before, during and after each campaign.

“What you should know if you want to hire an Email Marketing campaign” is a recommended reading that is conceived as a review of the current situation of this tool, so fashionable in recent years. Adsalsa’s work deals with topics such as content, templates, keys, or the special Poland Email Address  relationship with the Mobile Mdirector has just published the guide «email marketing, the perfect ally for ecommerce«, a 24-page document that emphasizes the importance of a good email marketing strategy to attract and retain customers and even increase the sales of any online store.

The guide not only raises different options and tactics to follow and tips to create a successful email marketing campaign, but it is also complemented by the contribution of Fabián López Coloma and Juan Pablo Seijo, responsible for the ecommerce turronesydulces.com and soloraf.es, respectively.

Within the guide we will find contents as interesting as why Email Marketing is one of the tools with the highest return on investment for an Ecommerce, the different uses that an ecommerce can make of Email Marketing (from user acquisition, attraction of traffic, the sales process, communication, customer loyalty, etc.) as well as the keys to integrate Email Marketing within the operation of an online store.

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In addition, in this MDirector guide, an E-Marketing platform owned by the Antevenio Group with which you can easily manage Email, SMS and Social  they will have a Buy Leads  first impression of you or your company.  Marketing campaigns with large volumes of shipments, you will find two interviews with two SMEs that are succeeding in their ecommerce such as TurronesyDulces.com and Soloraf.es.

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