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Mailrelay, the best way to do free and effective email marketing

Although many think that email marketing is dying with the rise of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the truth is that email marketing continues to be a powerful marketing tool that is capable of bringing numerous benefits to companies that use it. use.

One of the advantages of this type of marketing is that it can be adapted to all companies that need it, regardless of their service or product. A good email marketing strategy increases the traffic of visits in an online store, on a website, on a blog …

In addition, the action can also be segmented with the desired audience, thus increasing the possibilities for profits. Thus, this type of marketing allows you to focus on the profile of the buyers to adapt as much as possible to their interests.

Email marketing is the perfect alternative to provide extra information to marketing users, as it is a strategy that no company can ignore if what you want is to increase your profits. However, not everyone knows how to carry out this type of marketing in the right way.

How to create a good email marketing strategy?

To best adapt any type of company to email marketing, the ideal is to hire a company that is in charge of handling the appropriate tools according to a specific audience. This will allow to have a more segmented strategy and in accordance with the profile of the clients.

One of the companies that carries out this work is Mailrelay. It is an experienced email marketing company in which they have a powerful email marketing tool at the best price. This allows you to create a newsletter, send mailings, manage a brand’s subscriber list, and analyze email marketing campaigns.

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Under the motto of quality, speed and customer service, Mailrelay is a software for sending mass mails with experience, in which their sole objective is to bring quality traffic to their clients’ websites, which implies long and medium term a significant increase in company sales .

Email marketing saves a great deal of time and money in communication between companies and customers. Mailrelay allows its users to forget about all the problems that the deliverability of their emails entails, and offers a great opportunity to those who want to start working with this modality but do not have money to invest in it, thanks to its free email marketing offer .

Other similar tools offer free accounts, but their possibilities are very limited, something that changes in Mailrelay. Your account offers a huge number of options to promote a certain company in the best possible way, as the company offers the possibility of creating a free account with very good conditions. Specifically, it allows its users a total of 75,000 shipments and up to 15,000 subscribers. In addition, it does not have any kind of time restriction.

With an experience in the sector of more than 15 years, the company offers this offer without interruption. In addition, he also has various tutorials on his blog to guide his clients in the use of email marketing.

Another of its advantages is that the tool offers its users advanced statistics to have all the important information about mailings. Thus, Mailrelay offers kuwait email addresses database  information on the clicks that are made, what exact hours and days, in what place … This allows companies to know the impact of their campaigns and, therefore, the benefit it represents for the company.

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Mailrelay also has its own technologies and algorithms, such as Smartdelivery, which help improve the deliverability of mass mail. The tool is completely free with the Mailrelay account, and has its own IP ranges, expert deliverability consultants so that mailings are successful, automatic detection of Spammers, agreements with whitelists, etc.

In addition, when creating the account in Mailrelay, a specialist email marketing consultant is also assigned to each user. Thus, they can get help when setting up the email marketing tool and using the account correctly and efficiently. In this way, the tool has a support that provides help at any time, and quickly and efficiently.

Another advantage of Mailrelay is that it offers a free autoresponder. The tool has free newsletter templates, smtp server, A / B test, RSS, APO, filters, scheduled in many cases we deal with unknown people, so through that email they will have a Buy Leads  first impression of you or your company.  shipments, etc. This makes it very easy to use, even for those who have never run any such campaign.

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