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Model of a local urban supermarket, Spar.

Since in 2009, Miquel Alimentació began the development of its expansion plan for SPAR in Spain, the presence of the brand in the 34 Spanish provinces in which the group has an operating license has not stopped growing. And it has done so based on very clear and determined parameters. Miquel Alimentació SPAR supermarkets are ideal for families or households that need to cover the daily or weekly purchase of all kinds of consumer goods and fresh produce. In this sense, in stores, a wide range of articles are presented in different formats.

The offer that SPAR wants to develop is that of a local urban supermarket. Another distinctive feature will be the strong commitment to its own brand, with 1,450 references of SPAR products that will account for around 50% of the stores’ offer. SPAR products that account for around 50% of the stores’ offerings.

SPAR and Miquel Alimentació Grup
The SPAR franchise is one of the main business areas of Miquel Alimentació Grup. It is a vertical franchise business model started in October 2009. To meet the objective set: to open 500 new stores in 5 years in 34 Spanish provinces. This objective will double the company’s presence.

The challenge for Miquel Alimentació Grup is to establish a turnkey vertical franchise and offer its SPAR franchisees a comprehensive supply, management and commercial support, accounting and administration service.

The expansion project
As mentioned, the ultimate goal is to open 500 new SPAR stores by 2015. For now, the forecasts for the next four years speak of a progressive increase in annual openings to reach 330 stores in 2013

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The franchise model
Miquel Alimentació’s commitment to SPAR is based on four pillars that make it especially attractive for franchisees: it is Profitable, it is Safe, it is Cheap and it is Easy to Manage.

This model is inextricably linked to the fact that SPAR is a world-class brand that has an extensive network of experiences and common interests that works in favor of the franchisee, who in no case is left helpless once the contract is closed.The process designed by Miquel Alimentació Grup for opening a SPAR supermarket is simple and has the full support of the company to the franchisee. It is based on six steps.

First, a market study is carried out to assess the best location options and estimate sales; Secondly, a feasibility study is carried out, a personalized business plan. Next, the design of the establishment is carried out, to later move on to the work of the establishment and its commercial equipment. Finally, the implantation and supply of the merchandise is carried out, and the launch and opening of the premises with all the necessary support in the field of marketing and communication.

In addition, Miquel Alimentació is the only franchisor in Spain that guarantees the commercial margin by contract and offers a logistics service free of charge.

Equipment and services
In its objective of being more efficient in its services, the Miquel Alimentació SPAR franchise has two important technological partners:

SAP. Undisputed leader in business management software, which provides all its knowledge with technological solutions applied to the franchisee (automatic order, sales reports, stock control, etc.). Likewise, the system allows customizing orders, adapting it to supply needs.

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TELEPHONE. It offers comprehensive IT support (connectivity, communications and maintenance).
In the environmental section, the SPAR franchise offers a selective waste management and removal system.

Product offering
The SPAR franchise of Miquel Alimentació Grup is articulated as an excellent option for the supply of basic products for the consumer. In this line, the main bet resides in the local product, with the support of an own brand of excellent quality, with more than 1,300 references.
On the other hand, it specializes in the development of fresh and super-fresh products, as well as frozen products. Another of the strengths of the offer is Iceland Email Address  its commitment to emerging markets, both in terms of the origin of the consumer and the type of consumption they carry out.

Miquel Alimentació Grup
With 100% national capital, it is the leading company in the wholesale food distribution sector in Spain. With a business volume of 1,000 million euros, it focuses its wholesale activity through its line of 55 cash & carry “Gros Mercat”; in the sale to restaurants organized with the “Miquel Food Service” division, the Import and

Export line, and the wholesale to retailers, independent chains and distributors. Miquel Alimentació Grup also has a chain of 118 of its own supermarkets with  to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower the “Suma” and SPAR banners, and another 530 franchised supermarkets with the “Suma”, SPAR and “Próxim” brands.

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