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Serenity, the greatest of professional skills

A serene professional (not to say a serene person), is guaranteed success in whatever he sets out to do. There is no skill or dexterity that can overcome this condition. The serenity is essential to face difficulties lead, make decisions, lead teams, be productive in the work and beat opponents.

“Serenity is the attitude or quality that allows the person to maintain a calm and unanimous temper, without falling into anxiety or anxiety. It is closely related to patience and both with strength, a virtue that helps to face difficulties and overcome them ”.

Serenity meets some of the most important conditions for professional development in any field: calm temper, equanimity, patience and strength.

Now, serenity is a competence to be had at a professional level, not a virtue. Indeed it becomes a virtue as it is part of the character, but like all competition,  Iran Email List it is something that must be learned and developed even if the natural conditions have not been favorable from the cradle or early education.

You can be a more or less serene person in your private life, but in your job development it is essential. For this reason it must be learned and developed like any technical skill.

The following is a small analysis of the basic components of serenity and its benefit in professional life:

Serenity, the greatest of professional skills

This is a human quality that consists in acting or speaking in a cautious and fair way, with sobriety, with moderation or continence to avoid harm, difficulties and inconveniences.

Act and speak cautiously and fairly!

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As professional work is eminently social, the ability to properly relate to others is essential. And when a professional does not act and speaks cautiously, it reduces the synergy that can be found in collective work.

And in this there is a curious matter. Because there are a greater number of professionals who take care of their actions than those who take care of their language. Speaking cautiously is a very rare and high-priced property in the world of work. The apostle James said it well: “… the tongue is a small member, but it boasts of great things. Behold, how great a forest lights a little fire! ”

Speaking cautiously leads to moderate and prudent action more emphatically than the reverse. You can act with temperance, but if you do not speak with caution and justice, it is of little use.

Serenity demands sobriety in speech and action, it demands continence to avoid damage, difficulties and inconveniences. There may be a professional who does not meet the technical skills of others, but if he acts calmly in everything he says and does, he will ultimately obtain better results than the others.

Equanimity, the state that achieves serenity.
“Equanimity is a state of psychological stability and composition that is not disturbed by experience or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that can cause the mind to lose balance.”

If you do not have psychological stability, no technical competence has the possibility of being sustained over time. There are no positive skills that can prevail over unfavorable attitudes.

The environment plays a predominant role in professional life, and most of the time it is neither to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower  favorable nor controllable. The requirement, therefore, is to refer to the elements over which control can be exercised, and all of them are part of the inner world.

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