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Some Internet business ideas created in 2015

Internet has become the new communication channel of this XXI, and not only. It has also been configured as the new business medium, so it is very important that if we have a business idea, it materializes in the online showcase.

There are many companies that currently base their entire strategy and activity on the online channel, thus avoiding the fixed costs of maintaining a direct sale to the public. Therefore, the better your website is optimized, the more attractive it is to users and the more original the idea is, the easier it will be to achieve sales success.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and have wanted to launch into the digital world to sell for a long time, we bring you some business ideas that have materialized during 2015. Do you take note?

Perhaps more than any other trend that we have seen in the last 12 months, it has been in the case of new technologies, such as 3D printers. There have been many companies that have launched into this new market. Among them, Scribble, offering a service that manages rapid 3D printing prototypes and delivers them the same day.

Pet friendly hotels
One of the sectors in which the arrival of the Internet has had the greatest impact to reshape the business model has been the hospitality industry. Not only has the treatment of hotel companies with customers changed, but also the way in which the product is currently built: increasingly, the opinions of other customers are essential to choose one stay or another.

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Innovative online proposals such as .es stand out, in which they seek to provide a much more specialized product and without the need to interact with a single hotel chain, but with several.

Reuse, recycle: Repurpose
During this year, there have also been several innovations that seek to tackle a real Croatia Email Address  problem in the areas most affected by poverty. Among the problems, the serious shortage of backpacks for children to transport their books during their long walks to get to school.

Online projects such as Aarambh have been developed to help India, which recycles old cardboard boxes to create school bags, which they then transform into tables to improve the comfort and posture of students, thus preventing them from writing on the floor. .

Not content with this already great achievement, Repurpose attached a small solar panel to the top of each bag that is capable of capturing the sun’s energy while the students walk to school. When they get home, the bag is capable of powering a small lamp for up to 12 hours so they can do their homework.

Undoubtedly, new technologies with the help of the Internet and online presence, manage to develop in a more sophisticated way. That’s why a number of truly remarkable connected smart devices are starting to show up on our virtual pages.

As is the case with the tablet that detects the food placed on it and makes recipe suggestions, and the Roost smart battery that replaces the standard 9V batteries in any smoke alarm to update it with smart capabilities.

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In this context, Jibo has appeared, a cross robot between Pixar’s animation lamp and R2-D2, Jibo is a friendly robot that uses facial recognition and natural language processing to offer personal assistance at home.

Discovering paris
Wearables are still at the forefront of innovation on the Internet. Already in 2014 we witnessed the introduction of a suit that allows users to pay for their purchases or enter the gym with just the sleeve of their shirts.

Another highlight is the “Navigate Paris” jacket, which has been designed to help passersby stroll through the streets of the French capital without looking at their phone or a map. They will be able to synchronize with the jacket of your smartphone, and thus find your destination. The jacket will take care of sending small vibrations up each sleeve so users know where to go.

What do you think of  you have already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store  these business proposals on the Internet? Do you know other ideas that can be applied to the Internet? Leave us your comments!

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