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The 5 laws of the innovator

I am not background of strident phrases or rigid theories about what “should” or “should not do.” Especially in the field of innovation and business.However, I recognize the value of enumerations to remember a series of tips to improve a process or activity. The “laws” or “commandments” are used for that, to remember.

In the case of innovation and for the content of the Business Trends Innovation course, I presented five laws of the innovator, which I consider essential to take into account when creating new products and companies. Here are five, along with a summary of their explanation:

1. Copying can also be innovating

Imitation gets a bad press. Especially in the world of innovators. However, it is one of the fundamental mechanisms to create. Innovation is a relative concept. What is standard in one place can be a great innovation in another. Sometimes innovation is about relocating an idea.

Laws of the innovator. Finally everything arrives

It follows from the above. When we look at what happens in other countries or markets, the products or companies that are successful, we tend to justify their success based on the particularities of those countries or markets. “It is very good for the US, but here …”. That is the phrase that kills any possibility of innovating by imitation. The truth is that, sooner or later, almost everything that is a success in a country that sets trends or avant-garde (like the US) ends up reaching the rest of the global markets sooner or later. Similarly, everything that works in one country could eventually work in our own country. As long as we keep the next point in mind …

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3. You almost always have to adapt

Transfers of business ideas, products, services or models are not automatic. They require adaptation, tuning in to the cultural and economic characteristics of the place where they are going to reproduce. Thinking about imitating a successful business idea also implies thinking about how to adapt it to the new environment. Anticipate what changes will need to be made. What resistance could there be in consumers, what inertia, and how to overcome them.

4. Trends are a good way to keep track of good ideas.

There are many ideas, but how to detect the good ones? If good business ideas are like cars, socio-economic trends are like highways. Ideas that work move within courses that are quite predictable. If we want to detect where there are vehicles, we must know where the highways are (and in which direction they are pointing). Knowing trends not only helps me discover good business ideas, but also makes it easier to foresee the chances of success of that idea.

5. There are keys or patterns of innovation that help to repeat the trick

Why reinvent the wheel? There are business concepts that are repeated endlessly, over and over again, to develop products or services that at first glance seem very different. However, they have an underlying concept or pattern that is the same.

For example: transforming a traditional market into a digital market. It has been done hundreds of times, and it continues to be done. The point is to discover a traditional market that has not yet been “migrated” to the Indonesia Email Lists  web. Another example: contacting groups or communities with complementary needs. Do “match making” and create markets that did not exist before. Knowing those keys or patterns, creating products or services is simpler and less risky.

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This is the gist of  to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower every “law” that can be put into practice immediately with this basic knowledge.

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