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The new marketing revolution: predictive intelligence, segmentation and personalization of emails

A revolution has come to stay permanently in the field of marketing: Predictive Intelligence, personalized segmentation and automation of communications.

Despite the fact that most companies and institutions continue to send communications (emails, push mobile, etc.) in a massive way and with identical content to their entire database, this system has undergone a radical transformation for some time. With tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, messages no longer fall into the spam folder and, in addition to passing that barrier, each user will receive fully personalized content adapted to their tastes and needs from her.

“Any large company has to have an automated Marketing system, whose content is 100% adapted to the tastes and interests of users. Right now it is a fundamental competitive difference with which you will go from being a brand that communicates in an annoying way to being a brand that offers valuable information and totally adapted to the client ”, says Marcelo Ferrando, Director of the technology consultancy LeadUp Digital Solutions.

This means that the advertising messages in which the user receives something that does not interest him and that thanks to the information that is stored in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) either manually or, generally, automatically, on the data will cease to exist. From the navigation of each of the people who are in the company’s database, it will be able to send content about related products, offers of the products or services that interest the potential client or, simply, news of the themselves, etc.

A wide number of possibilities brought by the treatment of Big Data that manages to increase both the CTR (Click Through Rate) proportion of clicks that the links of our communications receive, as well as the number of conversions, by offering content adapted to the tastes of users, which results in an increase in ROI (Return of Investment or Return on Investment), a figure that sometimes rises to 47%.

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Customer Journey: The customer journey that allows to have the most efficient communication system

The Customer Journey is the series of interactions that the consumer makes in their relationship with your product or service. 73% of Marketing professionals say that extracting a map of this path improves engagement. Therefore, a strategy in this sense is essential.

“If we know the actions that a user performs with respect to our brand, we can react conscientiously,” says Ferrando. “Customer management is complete if we integrate the information from browsing the company website or the online store of each user, since we will know what Lebanon Email List  each person has paid attention to, when they left … Ultimately, it will allow us to learn more about your preferences and send you communications adapted 100% to your tastes “, continues the director of the Consultant.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools constitute a powerful solution for global work in Online Marketing and, in this particular case, they will allow us to create a campaign that will have the limits that the professionals of the brand or company want to put: “We could schedule a whole year of communications according to dates that we already know in advance such as birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Father’s Day and, summer holidays, etc., and establish their automated sending. Furthermore, thanks to drag & drop, the use is very intuitive when segmenting audiences and designing content, ”says Ferrando.

But this tool does not focus on mere automation, but the content will be dynamic, that is, it will change depending on the user the company or brand is targeting in its campaign, achieving a 1 to 1 (1 to 1) relationship with the customer, increasingly demanded by users in a hyperconnected world.

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“Depending on the information that our CRM will store, our messages could change language depending on the origin of the user and will have one content or another depending on things as basic as gender, age, or other more complex ones such as the analysis of their response. or not to our previous messages or interest in a specific product, so that in subsequent communications you may be sent offers for that product, related products (cross selling), etc. ”, explains Ferrando.

So much is the rise of the 1 to 1 relationship with customers, that companies that send mass messages without having previously analyzed their potential customers will not only be contributing to generate noise, but will also see that their arrival attempts will be unsuccessful in terms of return of investment:

“Those who send content without focus and without adapting to each user is losing in terms of competition with respect to other companies that have already implemented these systems. It is not using having a large database of clients and not treating them in a personalized way when today it is possible thanks to the technology

today in many cases we deal with unknown people, so through that email they will have a Buy Leads  first impression of you or your company. Many companies use email marketing to create brand image and be in communication with their customers. that is capable of managing Big Data ”, concludes Marcelo .

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