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Improve Your Website’s Performance

If Google sees that users find what they are looking for with you, Google will reward you for this. This reward comes in the form of maintaining and/or improving your positions. Are you already playing pogo sticking? I’m curious about your strategies. Share your experiences with me in a comment below! Technique (alongside quality and authority) is one of the fundamental building blocks of your SEO success. It is important that the performance of your website is good and that the search engine robots understand your website as well as any person.

Think About a Beautiful and Appropriate Website Design

There are many paid tools that can support you with this. After asking around with various SEO specialists, it turns out that there are also a lot of free technical SEO tools that can come in handy. In this article I share the most important tools fax list you can use during your website audit. 1. Fetch & Render There are many different programming languages ​​that are used to build a website. However, not every programming language is understood and support by a search engine. Take Google as an example. They still use an outdated Chrome browser (Chrome 41), while the counter of the current version is at 73. Fetch and RenderIt is important to see if Google sees your website as you see it.

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Connect Keywords to the Right Landing Pages

You get a first insight by passing the URL through the Fetch and Render tool. During the fetch and rendering process of a search engine, the layout of your website is look at, among other things. For example, if the layout of Buy Leads tool deviates from reality, there is probably work to be done. If you do not have any technical knowledge yourself, it is useful to consult your developer. Show him what you’re running into and tell him Google has an outdated browser. With the Can I use tool , you can easily see the differences between the programming languages ​​supported by Chrome 41 and Chrome 73 Google versus your web browser.

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