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What should you do with your Internet Business Idea

If you have an internet business idea but you don’t know how you should act, in this article I will help you focus on what is really important in this phase.

reference in Analysis of business ideas on the internet of first-time entrepreneurs in the online world, in my blog I talk about product / service analysis, value proposition, competition analysis and of the keywords and of course of the economic viability.

There is nothing worse than dedicating your time and effort to tasks and activities that do not correspond to the phase you are in.
Many entrepreneurs come to me to analyze the viability of their business idea on the internet, but many others come without a clear business idea.

In these cases my first recommendation is to follow 4 steps to generate good business ideas on the internet, and now with this idea in mind I will tell you the steps to follow.

First specify your idea
As long as you keep your idea in your head, it is only a handful of excited neurons, depending on who you talk to and who you tell it to, the idea will be different.

You can stay forever with that business idea in mind. You can also give it hundreds of turns, that will not help at all to turn it into an internet business.

The first step you must follow is to specify your idea, I mean to write down on a sheet, it does not matter if you use a text document on the computer or a paper and a pencil, but specify your idea.

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You should be able to describe your idea in a couple of sentences, something that you remember and that explains the fundamentals of it, don’t worry if it doesn’t come out the first time, it’s normal.

Write down version 1.0 of your business idea in two sentences. As you improve, you see it by writing down the next versions, without losing the previous ones, in case you get involved and want to go back to a previous version.

Hello entrepreneurs, today I come to tell you how to survive in times of crisis.

Take advantage of your time, if you are unemployed, to learn and generate a future for your life without having to depend on bosses and schedules, there  Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email Address are thousands of opportunities for this you just have to want, make an effort, learn and above all that you like what you go to do, but I already tell you that it is not easy, at least at first.

A few years ago a close friend became unemployed, with a woman and a dog 🙂 and I had been in the online world for a while, specifically in SEO, but I was already beginning to discover things like passive businesses, affiliations and others, I was hooked on this life model, so I mentioned it to my friend since I knew that he liked the internet and had always been a handyman in this world.


When I told him for the first time over coffee he liked the subject, I knew he would like it, so I showed him how he had to start, what he had to learn first and where the web and resources were to learn and undertake and learn, Later we would meet to clarify details and solve doubts, but he was a very good student and learning was not difficult, even if it was 2 in the morning, keep in mind that he also had a family member to attend to.

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So I spent some time and we decided to start online businesses together, this is how we have done it during the last year and a half, in some we made mistakes, some have turned out well and others have given us an idea to generate money in a different way than the one we started in the beginning Anyway,

I knew that at this time we were going to hit some host, the fundamental thing was to learn and continue learning, this is a phase that we all must go through, do not think that making money online is easy,

first you have to have some knowledge and a previous experience, if you do not despair at some point you will begin to see color.The road to success is adding it to  Buy Leads the basket  easy, there is a lot of work and failures involved, but with knowledge, desire and a bit of luck you will surely find your way.

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