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Working life after the pandemic

Almost a year and a half after the Covid-19 pandemic began, no one is clear when we will actually return to normality, however, there is already talk of a soon return to the classrooms and some offices, in person or blended.

There is also the opinion of many that, once the pandemic is over, it will leave indelible consequences and there will be some aspects of daily life that will never be the same again. One of them is activity in the workplace. 

Some workers are waiting there, where before, their same dusty cubicle and desk or whatever their work space may be, either because the nature of their work requires their physical presence or because employers have the traditionalist view that “when The master’s eye fattens the horse ”(or in this case, the company’s coffers)

Others found an opportunity to self-manage their remote work, as freelancers or employees of flexible companies, making significant investments in technology so that distance is not an impediment to working 100.

And it is that for certain types of companies the so-called “new normal” will arrive in a matter of weeks or months, so they are already beginning to plan the return of their people in person, anticipating the administration of covid tests on a regular basis, requisition of certificates of vaccine, as well as the adoption of staggered schedules and days to implement the hybrid modality initially, with a view to gradually migrating to the face-to-face system.

Others, on the other hand, had already supported the home office since before the pandemic, which is why in some of them the 4-day face-to-face week had already been permanently adopted, a practice that gradually became more common, especially in companies of international profile.

What seems to be a reality is that the evolution of employment adapting to the needs of a globalized century was a trend of slow progress in Mexico, compared to the pressing need for a transition to a job more focused on sustainability, digitization, process automation and circular economy… and the pandemic, with all the bad things it could have brought us, forced us to accelerate evolution. 

According to the 2020 Future of Jobs report , the health contingency triggered companies to accelerate digitization in their work processes by 84%, remote work by 83%, automation of tasks by 50% and the implementation of programs training by 35%, while the consulting firm KPMG estimates that organizational learning increased 10 times in terms of number of hours.

The prestigious consulting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers in the United Kingdom, to cite one example, announced the implementation of a flexible work policy in its company, leaving the decision of their way of working to the consideration of its 22,000 employees, considering that each one is responsible for it.

It is clear that, speaking of companies, there are different models with a diversity of styles, interests and policies, which are also partly influenced by the culture of each country. And no one doubts the economic benefit that the home office represents for companies and although it can be  barbara desoer email address assumed that it is also for all workers, it is important to think of people, as particular cases. For example, for some, remote work can represent increased stress and anxiety due to isolation, situations at home, lack of support from their bosses or even lack of adequate spaces to work or insufficient equipment and connectivity, which can generate additional expenses.

That is why it is important to make decisions that revolve around common interests, that include different organizational and human aspects, and that employers do not impose a post-pandemic work modality, taking into account only the economic benefits of the company.

The health contingency seriously affected everyone, but it certainly taught us to understand the future of work with a greater capacity for adaptation and resilience already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store to disruptive and unforeseen impacts, such as the one we have experienced since 2020.

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