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2nd National Congress of Inbound Marketing

Unlike most of the current congresses, conferences and expos, which as a result of the confinement migrated to the digital environment and in which, due to lack of human contact or technical failures, interest is lost,

the 2nd National Congress of Inbound Marketing was a totally innovative event, in which an environment was created that allowed participants to immerse themselves in a realistic virtual world in which the challenges and perspectives of digital marketing in the coming years were exposed, as well as success stories of brands that they evolved through digital strategies in the post-pandemic era.

An interactive experience
The hundreds of participants, including specialists from various business areas and marketing students, were able to live a virtual immersion experience created by the company Virtway Events, which adds to the new digital trends to mitigate social distancing.

Thus, this event proposed an alternative that allowed users to experience a different kind of virtual contact, based on immersion technology. Through it, the participants were able to create their avatar and go through the different colony club barbados email address virtual forums with it to attend the conferences and workshops that were offered, in order to share the latest strategies and useful tools to connect consumers with brands, in a digital environment .

Likewise, this allowed them to interact with participants from various companies and leaders from different industries, in order to carry out a dynamic of networking in real time.

Thanks to a special function, attendees could raise the hand of their avatar to express their doubts to the speakers or share their points of view with the attendees, making the interaction of the participants more dynamic. To achieve this, the audio systems played a key role, since the interface selected to accommodate the attendees allowed them to open their microphone to communicate with other users and with the speakers of the conferences and intensive workshops.

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And with the aim of facilitating the virtual movement of users, the platform had the possibility of teleporting the avatar or making it advance manually, through movement controls to go to the different conferences and workshops.

The trends of tomorrow, today
In general terms, the objective of this congress was to offer coverage of the main digital trends that all companies today need to know to implement in the coming years, not only in digital marketing, but also in online sales, service customer, customer experience and new technologies related to big data, data mining and artificial intelligence.

Likewise, it served as a platform for the different marketing and sales teams to update themselves on the most relevant topics in the industry and as an example of this, some of the topics that were addressed on the first day were:

Use of artificial intelligence to reach consumers in a world without cookies (cookie-less).
Net Promoter Score, tool to measure customer loyalty.
Automation of the service to improve the user experience.
Programmatic advertising: algorithms in digital sales.
Rodrigo Méndez, General Director of Grupo BOIS (organizers of the event), assured that inbound marketing will have a revolution not only due to the disappearance or reduction of cookies, but also because advertising is intrusive for consumers to whom, rather than selling, it is necessary to attract, for which it is necessary to know them through the use of data.

Consumption habits changed with the pandemic and companies had to adapt with new  adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower, strategies, such as Burger King and its creation of the 360 ​​digital ecosystem that allowed them to know their customers in depth to satisfy them almost in a personalized way.

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