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3 social media marketing trends to implement right now

When it comes to social media, any industry wants to be a part of it. Despite the strict advertising rules and the restrictions that may exist in the “real” field, in digital, there are other types of actions that can help to stand out, because in a matter of seconds —literally—, attractive content can be achieved for different audiences. In other words, it is finally the ease with which brands can adopt new promotional formats, create attractive marketing campaigns and engage with audiences that generate attraction, something that everyone wants to be part of. And although nothing seems new or relatively important to users anymore, it should be noted that there Singapore Mobile Database is still room for improvement. According to the study “Global Ad Spend 2019” conducted by Dentsu Aegis Network, advertising investment will grow by 3.89 percent over the previous year, reaching a total of 7.90 percent overall and annually. It is forecast that it may rebound to 4.3 percent in 2020. What’s more shocking, however, is that globally, more than 41 percent of total ad spend will be digital, according to DAN research. However, while those numbers are presented with an encouraging focus, unlike other industries, brand tactics face many challenges on social media. Let’s say, in sectors such as alcohol, age restrictions, and laws imposed according to countries, carefully designed strategies must be built to be more functional in social networks, with characteristic elements such as creativity, that are attractive and, of course, that is within the legal framework.

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What is the reason why firms do not comply with their strategies? The market is more saturated. More and more, brands forget to put an emphasis on knowing who their audiences are, what they like to do, and what type of content they like to consume. This vision will allow overcoming the barrier of restrictions in the advertising segment. In turn, taking advantage of the large amount of data generated by the audience allows targeting more efficiently, perfecting different methods of reaching the consumer. In fact, social media is where you can stand out most efficiently. Here’s what to know about social media usage at the start of the second quarter of 2019. Due to extreme competition and the renewal of algorithms to highlight in the News Feed to Brother Cell Phone List prioritize content over advertisers, the platform has incentivized the activation of advertising. In fact, advertising costs on Facebook have risen more than 122 percent since 2008, when it launched Facebook Pages (with the idea of ​​giving brands a greater presence through its ads). When it comes to Facebook advertising, brands are among the top three industries with the highest CPC (Cost Per Click). With the rising cost of advertising on the platform, brands have a need to experiment with new advertising formats, content ideas, and goals. That also forces to optimize the budget. The advantage”? It also grants an opportunity to reach audiences in a unique way. On Instagram similar trends. With more than 80 percent of ad campaigns running on the platform, at least 40 percent of them go-to stories. Although Instagram has fewer ad placement options, it is actually cheaper for brands.

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In fact, when it comes to CPC, ads are 7 percent cheaper than ads placed in the feed. To a greater extent, it is due to the more than 500 million daily active users that this section has, making it one of the most recognized brands. Influencer marketing is undoubtedly a lucrative strategy for brands. However, unlike other industries, not just any industry representative can be used, so many companies face the challenge of overcoming advertising hurdles when it comes to doing this on social media. Because of this, it is extremely vital for brands to thoroughly vet the people they collaborate with. Among some elements to take into account is the fact of investigating which brands influencers have worked with in the past (if they are appropriate for their age), their age, how relevant they are, etc. But keep in mind that selecting influencers is only half the battle. When it comes to a general marketing tool, it is absolutely vital to inform them about the limitations they have when making content and about the lines that they must follow. In this way, brands are overcoming certain challenges by serving an increasingly mature audience. It’s safe to say that influencer marketing has been an effective way to get messages to the right audiences when done legally and correctly.

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