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5 acts of Growth Hacking that will help you in your e-commerce plan

The term “Growth Hacking” refers to describing a simple concept, developing strategies, and implementing it to drive growth. Coined in 2010, the term “Growth Hacking” refers to describing a simple concept, developing strategies, and implementing it to drive growth. According to Marketing Insider Group, this mechanism is associated with online services as well as the acquisition of new users by new technology firms; however, this is also effective within e-commerce.EMarketer data refer that the world sales of online commerce for this year will be 2,774 million dollars; The figures reflect an upward trend since for next year this indicator Thailand Mobile Database will grow to three thousand 305 million; while, by 2021, the amount that is projected will be four thousand 479 million dollars. That is why Marketing Insider Group listed a series of actions that will benefit you when using a Growth Hacking strategy for your online business.No matter how well crafted your business or promotional is, even the best marketing efforts aren’t as convincing as recommendations from other clients; word of mouth messages, ratings or testimonials are effective as consumers trust people’s opinions.

Customers like to hear from other buyers about their experience with the product before making a purchase, making them feel more confident about their purchase decision. If your corporate brand blog is primarily aimed at loyal buyers, guest blogging on external blogs can be the key to attracting potential new customers. By doing this practice with a similar audience, you can reach a greater number of people who may be interested in your service or product; in such a way that it is recommended to make a list of possible blogs that align with your products, and request authorization to appear in those spaces. Once your participation has been accepted, it will be essential that your publication is not a promotional one, but rather focuses your text on a topic Brother Cell Phone List related to the industry and that is valuable to the reader. Customers remember the details that were generated to turn an exceptional shopping experience thought about it, one of many ways is to give merchandise or a financial refund; Another option to consider is sending handmade thank you cards to new buyers, in this way a feeling of satisfaction is easily created. For this, in addition to delivering the personalized note, it is recommended to encourage the new buyer to mention your brand in their different social networks with the promise of a promotion code or a special coupon for spreading the information.

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Likewise, the use of automated mechanisms is also a good option, Thankbot is a service that is technically automated, but that each card that you send is handwritten by a real person, so it results in a solution to take into account. Because as an online marketer, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about how to get more people to your site; however, certain actions must also be considered so that they remain longer in the portal. For this reason, one of the tricks to use is the pop-ups with the intention of leaving.And it is that they capture web visitors who try to leave your site without buying. The objective is to offer discounts on products so that they carry out a transaction or that they leave information such as their email address. In e-commerce, your work does not end once a sale is made, this is only the beginning. Once someone is found to convert and make a purchase on your site, you can use that relationship to connect with more potential customers. The key is to get your new customers to spread the word about your business, an easy way to do this is to include a message on the order confirmation pages and emails that encourages customers to share your sale on social media.

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