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5 most effective content marketing actions in eCommerce

Is content king? Despite everything you have heard out there, about a possible malfunction, the answer is undoubtedly correct. In digital, there are a series of actions that can lead to success (as long as they are worked correctly): the use of social networks, eCommerce sites, and creating content. When a commercial strategy adapts its work and marketing efforts to create content, it is added to an action where, from the creation of content, certain marketing objectives are achieved and met. Does your company want to increase its sales, improve its image or increase the purchase preference of its customers? What can you do? Wich is the way to go? Simple: start a strategy that includes content ( content marketing) . From the creation of Taiwan Mobile Database of posts on social networks to an article on a specialized topic for a website blog. They can even be forked, by launching a weekly whitepaper. Everything is part of the same. Images, videos, a flyer with the mission/value of the company, everything counts. However, a rule cannot be generalized either: content marketing is not all content that is made for digital. Companies must separate operational communication actions in content marketing strategies. According to a survey conducted by Impact, 88 percent of marketing and advertising professionals are looking to implement a content strategy today. At the same time, visual elements, such as images and videos, are used in more than 50 percent of articles and other content, while 56 percent of them indicate that they use them 100 percent of the time.

Other specialized blogs show that in 2019, graphic elements will be more important for content marketing than before. Statistics show some trends that can influence a strategy as a whole. Especially in digital stores. According to Social Bakers, there are 5 ways to capitalize on content for eCommerce. This is what a professional in the sector should follow: Magnet magnets are extremely effective in capturing leads and converting them into future buyer prospects. This type of graphic refers to the visuals that expose specific information, which appears in the content of social networks or webinars. Depending on the platform, they offer at least 40 percent ROI when implemented. They also create better brand/product awareness, as users find this information useful, which provides authentic value to the audience. The key is to create content that Brother Cell Phone List users can download and use in everyday life. Relying only on one content format is not a smart thing to do. Especially if a brand wants to maximize the number of people its eCommerce store reaches. As mentioned above, content is more than just social media posts. While there is value in blogging and long-form articles, awareness can also be increased by accepting other content formats. The most popular type of content to incorporate into an eCommerce marketing strategy :Video: It is dominating at the moment, especially in social networks.Infographics: They are shared up to 3 times more than in any other type of content. Images in email marketing: it is an effective way to connect and communicate the brand value with past clients, subscribe to a newsletter .

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In B2B industries, long forms tend to get the most social shares. This is why one of the standard recommendations is to create blog posts that are over 2,000 words long. But, when we are talking about eCommerce, in reality, the “less is more” rule applies here. According to Impact, having 945 words in a written note or article is the average length of the best pieces of content. The reason? They have at least 33 percent more shares than other long formats. One of the main reasons is that 71 percent of users use their smartphones to view content. In fact, people spend an average of 87 hours per month browsing on mobile devices. That means that the content must be compatible with these media. And of course shorter content is much easier to view and read on a smaller screen. Here, you must think about how many people/clients make up the target market of your company. So, comes this: think about how the content will be adapted to speak to different people and audiences. The answer is to customize the call to action (CTA) because if done correctly, they can convert up to 2 times more. One of the advantages of eCommerce purchases is the ability to interact. Buying in person allows customers to personally engage with employees and their products. More than half of all content marketers use interactive content as part of their strategy, with at least 90 percent of consumers saying they want to see more visual and interactive content.

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