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5 questions about digital marketing that every company should ask its current strategy

In the past, marketing tactics were designed to interrupt, sell a lot, and push content in the hopes of “catching” a customer. Brands and companies maintained a communication strategy with consumers based on mass marketing. Thanks to digital marketing, that has changed. With the use of digital tools such as AdWords, Google, or the use of social networks and their sales platforms came a new era for marketing and presenting content. For example, today SEO is not a standalone tactic, but part of a strategy that drives digital marketing, driven by a digital strategy that is interconnected with other channels and platforms. When social media matured from being a chat system to being an effective communication tool, many traditional Tunisia Mobile Database marketing barriers were broken. Now, brands can connect, engage, communicate and share content directly with consumers instantly. At the same time, companies can know, track, measure, analyze and optimize their campaigns in real-time, based on the responses they get. Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are used by billions of users, have sections of targeted advertising, and coexist in a digital environment that never rests. This has been taken advantage of by marketing. The problem is that now there is a climate of excessive saturation. Brands must win the attention of their customers by offering valuable content, encouraging meaningful conversations with their community, and using each platform in specific ways to communicate.

On average, according to WeAreSocial / Hubspot, 90 percent of consumers worldwide access social networks from a cell phone. On the other hand, at least eight out of 10 users search for products or services from their smartphones . Finally, according to IAB, investment in digital advertising in 2017 grew 34 percent compared to the previous year. That is, from what can be seen, according to the figures, digital marketing has become a very important tool for companies. As long as they stay attached to the trend of consumers (social networks), it will be more feasible to expose their presence. Mordecai Holtz, a digital marketer, raises some questions that any strategy must answer (or at least ask). Where is digital headed? Scandals in social networks Brother Cell Phone List such as Facebook, fraud among influencers, “the death” of organic reach, and other social networks that have a fleeting passage are every day today. An inevitable scenario as digital marketing grew. That is part of what can be seen in the future, but there is only one thing to say: if you want to be alive, you will have to pay. What metrics are the most important to perform and why? There are specific metrics that can indicate how well the content a firm launches is performing. Although others, such as vanity, exist and only distract. As a general rule of thumb, the most valuable metrics are those that help evaluate content performance and those that connect to business goals. What is the direct connection between social media data and company earnings? When you get data from social networks, it is easy to strategize for different types of audiences. Not only for a digital marketer but also for content publishers, as digital marketing efforts are made based on the previously conducted research.

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It is at this point where demonstrable results can be seen. Is it important for marketers to invest in their own personal brand? People buy from people, not from brands. Customers always want to know that a human is being behind a brand and they will follow the person, regardless of the brand they work for or what they like. For example, the case of Steve Jobs with Apple, who was the one who invested and transferred that vision of modernity and exclusivity to the firm. Content is always being shared on social networks. While you may not be able to create a business, a personal brand allows you to position yourself, get noticed, impress, attract contacts, or expand a digital network. In digital, is it important to work for a prestigious company? The most important thing is to be visible, beyond the brand. You always have to present content that tries to improve and that helps develop a better reputation, building a positive track record. Finally, all kinds of brands are found in digital, so it may be more feasible to help brands position themselves, regardless of their prestige from the outset. From a public relations perspective, positive content is the best that can be developed in the social media environment. By having a stronger sense, the social reach can be projected because the content has a better impression on the part of the users, who find in it a new sense of value, which helps them to know more about a product or service of a brand

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