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And despite everything, the reign of Facebook in social media remains

What is Facebook? Easy: since 2006, it is the most important social network in the world. And even though the social media landscape is constantly changing, the answer remains the same. Over time, Facebook has grown enormously. From being an exclusive site for university students to being one of the largest and most influential companies in history. One with billions of users (2.3 billion, to be exact).In some way (a very obvious one), nowadays, thinking about Facebook also requires thinking about marketing actions. In context, although Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is a social network, its functions have been adapted for users, companies, and brands. In fact, with only three months of 2019 underway, you’ve already made one more change — at least for Mexico — and along with this change, other updates have been announced. While other platforms Sweden Mobile Database such as Twitter, which has 330 million users, or YouTube, which already has more than 1,500 million users (second place, in terms of some users) have adapted to the commercial segment, none of them do so. the way Facebook does it, and it all has a reason.2006. The early days of Facebook. One purpose: to spark conversations, connect with friends and give people a way to share relevant topics. It is shared with people who care about what you do: friends. Stories ( posts ) are of interest to the people who receive them, and the same to the person who creates them.2008 .

Facebook tries to help people share information. Now, Facebook seeks to create products that help people share their personality, communicate their identity and ideas about the things they are passionate about.2009. Users share their lives – literally – on the site. For Zuckerberg, sharing this information creates a connection, and the more information posted on Facebook, the better life will be for friends and family. Zuckerberg’s idea is to forget about privacy: information must be disclosed, open to everyone. As information is shared, companies, governments, and other organizations will share more information about what is happening between them. As this happens, the world will become more open.2012. The perfect platform for business. Up to this point, it was not known exactly whether Facebook could really be built as a Brother Cell Phone List sustainable business. In this period, the company went public. Now, Facebook was not a company that could change the world; I was already changing it. From then on, the company implemented projects without worrying about cost: the mission is to connect the world. This also meant helping people connect with businesses, governments, and other organizations. By helping businesses connect with new customers, the community benefited in several ways (creating many jobs and economic opportunities around the world).2016. The beginning of the end? The modern age of Facebook seems like a constant negative. Apology after apology until he ended up hating his main target: users. First because of the state of the platform as a whole, and then because of the abuse of power that companies and other agents saw on the platform – specifically about the end of the year and the elections in the United States, where Donald Trump was the winner.

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After years of uncontrolled expansion, Facebook has gotten too big. The feeds have viral, toxic, or false content, and the negative effect it has had on the company and, above all, on its users is evident.2018. The line was marked more conspicuously. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which dragged Facebook to an immense level of unpopularity (even Zuckerberg had to testify in front of government bodies). With that in mind, it is not surprising that the new approach and direction that Zuckerberg plans for the company are more closed, going back to its roots. The goal is no longer to make “the world more open and connected,” but rather to give people the power to build communities and get closer to each other. Starting in 2018, the social network focused on improving user experience and safety, increasing levels of “authenticity” and addressing social issues. Since then, he has worked hard to overcome this type of adversity. Despite the scandals, Facebook’s earnings report (fourth quarter 2018) shows that revenues increased by 3 billion, reaching 16.6 billion dollars. Of this, more than 2 billion of the growth came from Stories Ads, available on Facebook as well as Instagram. Now, more than 2 billion people use at least one of Facebook’s services every day (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger), proving that rumors do not transcend; clearly, the platform is alive, it is doing well and not only that: it has been strengthened with new offers and value propositions to users.As the previous point shows, Facebook updates remain constant and if something “positive” has left the problems, it is that now the platform is the best place to do anything, literally.

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