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The processes of creating a website, its content and promoting it so that visitors reach that website through search engines. It includes a whole range of diverse techniques and tools… SEO – Search Engine Optimization includes the processes of creating a website, its content and promotion so that visitors reach this website through search engines. It includes a whole range of diverse techniques and tools Not just websites The website itself , its content and structure, are part of SEO. However, in the digital age, the web presentation also takes part in building relations with the public, influences the perception of the brand and the company as such, and is a means of communication.

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It is therefore definitely also Chile Mobile Number List an element of PR (Public Relations). And it’s not just about the web presentation itself. On the one hand, social networks are also a means of building backlinks and are reflect in a positive evaluation of search engines, so they have a positive effect on SEO. On the other hand, they are a modern communication mium, a way of building a brand and a good reputation, as well as cribility and a positive perception, i.e. a PR tool. It is no different in communication with the mia , which traditionally falls under PR activities.

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At present however online mia, which deal with SEO, have a significant share. The task of current SEO is also to build relationships and cooperation with important authorities in the field, influencers, bloggers, etc. It is about relations with the online public, i.e. the content of modern PR. Content and Communication Buy Leads SEO was originally creat as a separate discipline, separate from other marketing tools, independent of PR (Public Relations). It was more technical in nature and consist of a few basic internet tools that were only very distantly relat to marketing and PR. However, search engines have become increasingly sophisticat over time.

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