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Did you know that McDonald’s has an internal community manager? Your brand should do the same

McDonald’s has an internal community manager whose duties attempt to solve the biggest problem any company faces: poor communication. The work teams are the main asset that will allow the firm to be competitive in the market; however, having the right talent is the first step to achieving that goal. McDonald’s knows this and that is why the firm has an internal community manager whose functions try to solve the biggest problem that any company faces: poor internal communication. Although it is a basic problem and that, at first glance, can be easy to solve, we are talking about an aspect that few companies manage to control effectively, even if it is not managed perfectly, it means great losses for organizations. The complexity of establishing adequate Venezuela Mobile Database mechanisms to establish adequate internal communication channels has to do, to a large extent, with the number of people with whom an employee interacts during a working batch, a number that with the arrival of new technologies has expanded from the interesting way. According to the Gartner consultancy, for those who work for a medium or large company, the average indicates that 60 percent of people deal with just over ten more collaborators daily. In companies with fewer than 50 employees, the numbers are considerably higher, perhaps double. According to Foehn, daily interactions for small and medium-sized companies average 25 people.

The diversity of the issues that are dealt with as well as the speed with which many issues demand to be addressed complicate the task of establishing efficient internal communication channels. However, among companies, it is a necessity to minimize the risks of business losses. Recall that, as indicated by data provided by Zeppelin, it is estimated that poor communication in the company will cause losses of up to 15 percent in the organization. What is a community manager? On this basis, companies have tried to implement hundreds of solutions to improve communication within their organizations and one that, in particular, is obvious is the one implemented by McDonald’s, a brand that includes an internal community manager within its work structure. To understand the relevance of this position, it is worth remembering that in the most general Brother Cell Phone List definition a community manager is responsible for building as well as caring for the image of the brand on social interaction platforms, where one of its main objectives is to generate awareness. The community manager on several occasions represents that first approach that a consumer has with the brand and in his eagerness to maintain the relevance of the brand, he is obliged to stay updated and informed of the latest trends in these spaces to generate content according to them and associate them with the essence of the brand. Why an internal community manager? With this in mind, as reported by Europa Press, McDonald’s has decided to have an internal community manager to manage the internal social network that the firm has in force only for employees in which they can interact with each other and also find and share information, from regarding company processes to contests in which to unleash your creative skills.

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Its function? The main task of this internal social manager is to streamline conversations within the internal social network, managing content and responding to user inquiries since it is a social network that functions as “an internal communication tool for facilitating that information flows between employees, and that these, wherever they are, live the company’s priorities as their own, “according to the aforementioned source. Exercise is particularly valuable for many reasons. The most important is that it be an action that tries to generate empathy with employees in the same way that the brand does outside its facilities with its target audiences, a fact that is a great success for the business.With these actions, the aim is to give more meaning to the work to generate a sense of belonging; In other words, the daily workday means something more than the source of income for employees and although for some the purpose is related to financial security or family support, the combination of meaning and purpose improves the commitment indexes, therefore effectiveness . Most companies focus on putting the customer first, knowing their needs, and acting accordingly, but they forget that for the strategies designed in this regard to have greater guarantees of success, they must start by loyalty to the work team with the mission, vision, and objective of the company. Having happy employees means more potential customers to the extent of the enthusiasm that the former print in their jobs that contribute to meeting the expectations of the latter.

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