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Facebook cannibalize Instagram again with this feature

Facebook has launched a new tab called Facebook Shop, which is similar to the feature launched for Instagram last July. The battle on social media is especially strong right now. Capturing the largest number of subscribers and getting them to spend a large part of their time online within each service is the battle and in this sense, it does not seem to matter whether the platforms belong to the same group. What happens with Facebook and Instagram is a clear example. For several years, Facebook has adopted various functions and tools in its service that have proven to be successful in the social network of filters, a situation that in a certain way has been Kazakhstan Mobile Database confirmed by the CEO of the company himself. From the inclusion of the stories to a design change in the interface, Facebook has tried to replicate more than one of the characteristics that have led Instagram to be an important part of the income of the empire created by Mark Zuckerberg. This trend does not seem to stop and now, the great social network has launched a new tab called Facebook Shop, which is similar to the function launched for Instagram, last July. The idea of ​​this tool is to offer boutique brands and content creators a space to generate business simply. The idea is to give users the possibility to consult, compare and buy any product within without leaving the social network.

Based on the information provided by the platform itself, this function has integrated various processes related to artificial intelligence so that, for example, each product can be categorized by identifying the brand, color, design, and style, with which the consumer will be able to search to find more precise results based on their interests. Additionally, tools are being added for companies to personalize their pages in stores, which include new spaces to present individual or group products, a new information page, and a real-time preview of the collection design. In the same way, Facebook is presenting support so that its users can chat with companies Kazakhstan Mobile Database within Facebook stores through Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp, which although now only works for the first two messaging services, is expected that soon include an option for WhatsApp.This movement is very similar to one of the last updates that Instagram suffered, with which it could be said that Facebook wants to keep part of the market that its sister social network has managed to build. The truth is that the movement is not strange if we consider that, from different points of view, Instagram has “cannibalized” the Facebook business. The matter begins to be reflected in the income that the platform of filters and photographs manages to capture. It is no small thing that of every 5 dollars earned by Facebook in advertising, Instagram keeps one, maintaining an upward trend in this regard.

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This is discovered by a recent report delivered by Marin Software, which states that Instagram accounts for 19.5 percent of advertising investment on Facebook. In fact, to be more precise, at the end of the third quarter of 2019, it was estimated that one in every 10 dollars earned by Facebook in terms of advertising was generated by Instagram Stories, which according to Socialbakers means a growth of 70 percent for what was achieved during the same period of 2018. This response to the effectiveness that Instagram has shown various edges over Facebook. This is revealed by a recent study published by Socialbakers which indicates that, after Brother Cell Phone List having studied the 50 most popular brand profiles on each platform, the results achieved on Instagram and Facebook, the results are more convenient for companies in the first even though its monthly active user base is smaller. In this sense, it is expected that the most popular brands on Instagram closed in the last quarter of 2019 with a total of 3,570 million impressions, while the most popular on Facebook did the same with 3,470 million impressions. Although the figure is not prominent in the difference read, what is rarely interesting is that from one quarter to another the positions changed.

Three months before this latest measurement, Facebook achieved 3.46 billion impressions among its most popular brand profiles, while those of Instagram were left with 3.420 million. Within the jargon of marketing, “cannibalism” is understood as the action of introducing a second option – brand, product, or communication strategy – that competes directly with the company’s main proposal, according to Headways Media references. In the particular case of Facebook and Instagram, this phenomenon is beginning to be evident. And we are talking about a platform that with just under 8 years of being owned by Zuckerberg has managed to reduce market share, sales, and presence among users, of another proposal with a longer history, by attracting current customers of their “sister offerings” without growing th

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