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Facebook launches its Tinder-like app in Mexico: this is what you need to know

For almost a year we have known about Facebook’s intentions to enter the dating application market, for which it created Facebook Dating, a service that it has just launched in Mexico and Argentina. Facebook Dating was featured at last year’s F8 and began testing in Colombia in September. Revenues from this type of service will represent more than 5.342 billion dollars for this year. Facebook seeks to reach the 200 million users it has detected as ‘single for almost a year we have known about Facebook’s intentions to enter the dating application market, for which it created Facebook Dating, a service that it has just launched in Mexico and Argentina. This is something Uruguay Mobile Database that the market for apps like Tinder, Match, Ashley Madison, or Meetic should not like at all . And, we are talking about a huge potential, Facebook has more than 2,271 million users globally, and although not all will be related to the new service, it does not remove the fact that not altogether, the other apps have a reach Similarly. The social network seeks to reach the 200 million users that it has detected as ‘single’.We have known about Facebook Dating since the company led by Mark Zuckerberg presented it at the F8, held in May last year and, although it would presumably have different functions from conventional dating apps, the truth is that it is designed to compete in that market .” It will serve to build real long-term relationships, not just adventures,” said the CEO of the Menlo Park technology company at the time.

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After its presentation in society, Facebook began to test this tool in September of last year in some countries such as Colombia, and later in Canada and Thailand.Now, the company announced that Facebook Dating is activated for Mexico and Argentina, and the option will appear for users just by updating the application. The choice is interesting because as they were already testing it in Colombia, the other two countries are the largest markets in Latin America where Spanish is spoken, together there are more than 121 million users (Brazil has 130 million), according to Statista data .Allows you to create a parallel or independent profile. That is, those who decide to try the tool will be able to create a dating profile separate from the one they currently Brother Cell Phone List have on the social network. Only elementary data is requested. According to the available reports, the only information that will be visible in this ‘parallel’ profile will be the user’s photo, residence, and interests. It will not show you in the news feed. Well, according to Facebook, this new dating tool or service will not be visible in the users’ News Feed, neither is it, so privacy will be important.In addition, the user will define the recommendations that will come to him. Recommendations of appointments or people to know will be received as long as they match the preferences set by users. In addition, there will be a choice of groups or events.

Why the interest of Facebook? It is a very attractive market, each year millions of users search on the internet to meet other people, either for friendship reasons, temporary encounters or as a couple. At a global level, the revenues from this type of services will represent for this year more than 5 thousand 342 million dollars, of which more than 2 thousand 692 will come from Matchmaking apps, and more than one thousand 667 million from online services, of according to data from Statista. Hence, proposals such as Tinder, Ashley Madison,, Meetic, and Bumble have been launched with ambitious projects to capture the attention of users. For Facebook, it is not only entering this market, but it is also opening the opportunity to increase engagement with its social network, add more minutes of active time by users and create opportunity areas for more advertising; Ultimately, this is its main source of business and it is towards this goal that most of its changes and new functions are directed.

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