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Grupo Salinas becomes a trend thanks to the Edomex government: Does the brand win?

This delivery is part of the “Grupo Salinas Always with you” initiative, an initiative that consisted of supporting nearly 30 thousand families with food pantries. During the afternoon of this Wednesday, Grupo Salinas became a trend within social networks after various Twitter accounts echoed the delivery of pantries to low-income families carried out by the government of the State of Mexico in collaboration with the firm. The messages and reactions Czech-Republic Mobile Database to this initiative placed the firm in second place within the trends in social networks with a total of 1,312 tweets, according to the damage delivered by the social network itself. This delivery is part of the “Grupo Salinas Always with you” initiative, an initiative that consisted of supporting nearly 30 thousand families in six entities of the Mexican Republic with pantries. In this way, in coordination with the governments of the beneficiary states, the firm has concluded this program in which it thanked its more than 100,000 employees for their participation . With the delivery of the pantries, the brand received hundreds of messages of thanks, from various accounts.

Undoubtedly and in the first instance, for the brand, this translates into an important advance after the repeated image crises that it experienced throughout the pandemic, due to the statements of its president as well as complaints about the conditions of work that Grupo Salinas delivered to its employees. The latest controversy around Grupo Salinas occurred after the writer Sabina Berman published a column in which she denounced the death of a Banco Azteca cashier, due to the alleged irregularities of Grupo Salinas in the management of personnel during the health emergency . This letter generated all kinds of reactions to such a degree that on Monday the company that owns brands such as TV Azteca and Tiendas Neto issued a reply to Brother Cell Phone List to the words written by Berman for El Universal. In this document, which was issued by Grupo Salinas from its digital properties and was signed by Tristán Canales, vice president of public affairs for Grupo Salinas, the company assured that “with this new text, Mr. B Herman shows that her pettiness gave it has limits, feet, it is truly painful and regrettable that it uses the loss of life and the suffering of a family, which like many others in Mexico go through challenging moments, to profit and advance personal revenge, motivated exclusively by an economic issue ”.After mourning the death of the collaborator cited by Berman, Grupo Salinas echoed the measures it is taking to guarantee the safety of both its employees and its customers.

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This reply provoked a new response from Berman, who from his official Twitter account sent a letter addressed to Tristán Canales in which he assures that his column was in no way written for a personal reason while questioning whether the company led by Salinas Pliego is aware of the number of its collaborators who have died from Covid-19. This fact, which was added to many other complete events for the brand, has directly hit the reputation of the company. In this sense, it is interesting to know the results of a recent study signed by the market research agency, QPR Planning Quant, in which it is revealed that brands such as Elektra, CFE, Banco Azteca, TV Azteca, and Alsea’s Starbucks have been rated as the least supportive for consumers in the midst of the pandemic. With this new appearance in social networks, Grupo Salinas could claim; However, the truth is that it earns part of its mentions come from the accounts owned by different agencies and government authorities of the State of Mexico, with which it remains in doubt how much the brand gained with this collaboration, at least, in terms and pictures.

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