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How can we work on our personal branding or personal brand?

Who hasn’t heard of ‘personal branding’ lately? It is a term that has been on the rise for many years but, perhaps due to the pandemic, has experienced an explosion in popularity.

What is ‘personal branding’?
The ‘personal branding’ or the personal brand is the practice of promoting people and their careers as if they were brands. It is the mark that we are leaving in the professional environments in which we operate and also in the networks.

However, we are talking about a dynamic and continuous process, which develops over time and which, like brands, can vary over the years: that is, we can identify ourselves as experts in a specific area but, after acquire knowledge and experience, want to reposition ourselves and reorient ourselves to another field or professional area.

Also, like all major brands, personal branding should tell a story – in this case, your story. Only then will we be able to leave an impression, as Forbes indicates in its article “10 rules of personal branding”.

Importance of personal branding
Every day that passes the job market becomes more competitive and, therefore, we must differentiate ourselves from other professionals, as indicated by the School of Business and Management. Searching our USP is therefore key. The USP is the ‘Unique Selling Proposition’, that is, our unique value proposition. The headhunter Giovanna De Prat in her webinar “The keys to improving your personal brand in social networks” for the EAE Business School, perfectly explains the importance of working on this differential value.

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In addition, we must not aspire to give visibility to what we do, we must enhance our achievements. What we have been able to do and makes us stand out from other professionals in the same sector.

Your personal branding cannot be a copy & paste
What is clear is that our differential value is the basis to be able to start working on our ‘personal branding’. Therefore, we cannot fall into the error of trying to copy the strategy and value of other people with a notorious personal brand in networks.

A very good exercise is to observe what others are doing and try to come up with ideas for our ‘personal branding’. However, all these ideas that we take must pass through the filter of self-knowledge and adaptation to us. We have to know who we are, what we want to do, where we want Austria Email list to focus and establish and work our USP to achieve it. If we are not clear about this, we would be copying others and we will not achieve a unique differential value, which is the famous asset that companies look for when we talk about the war for talent.

What do we have to take into account to improve our personal brand?
After everything we have seen, we can deduce that the key to ‘personal branding’ is knowing how to sell yourself. It seems very obvious but the practice is different since normally it is always easier for us to sell any product or service before ourselves.

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To sell ourselves in the best possible way, we must work very well what we do, what we publish, and the attitude or disposition that we have.

What we do: we have to show that our actions and our professional achievements are true. Here it is important to have third parties who can endorse our skills. In addition, we must maintain consistency between what we affirm and act accordingly. That is, if in our profiles on networks we say that we are experts in SEO, with our actions we must endorse that statement, pragmatically showing that knowledge that makes us experts and true SEO professionals.

Otherwise, we would be devaluing our ‘personal branding’.
What we publish: everything we publish on the networks will also make up our personal brand. That is why we must be careful with what we project and  Buy Leads focus our communication very well according to what we want to achieve. In addition, we must explore different formats to publish (texts, audios, videos …) and develop our network of contacts.

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