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How is it that brands are using a platform like Twitch to do marketing?

We share some examples of how brands have used the Twitch platform to reach their consumers in a meaningful way. Twitch users spend an average of 95 minutes a day on the platform. These examples can help you generate ideas to also take advantage of the platform. Read: Burger King leverages Twitch for a nifty campaign. Among the channel options to which brands and companies can reach, an option that is increasingly explored is the Twitch streaming platform, this has had an interesting growth over time and has established itself as a space where millions reach people, particularly young people. For example, according to data referred by InfluencerMarketingHubThere are at least 15 million active users in this place, however, among the most interesting data is the time spent on the platform, 95 minutes per day on average. For brands this represents a good opportunity to be present, but how can you leverage a space that is known for being a place where video games are broadcast? To answer this, here are some ways that various brands use Twitch to reach audiences and do marketing. As shared by Sprout Social, here are the ways brands are using Twitch to position and market:

This activity can surely be considered the most similar to that carried out by regular users of the platform. Many brands have jumped on the video game train either through tournaments or by broadcasting gameplays of a, particularly popular video game. An example of this is the case of Wendy’s who has her account on Twitch and streams popular games, such as Minecraft or Fall Guys regularly. He has even generated campaigns from this platform and playing video games. As we detailed at the time in one of our featured campaigns, the brand took Brazil Mobile Database advantage of a tournament to position itself in the conversation and reach young audiences who were no longer paying much attention to the more traditional advertising it runs. This campaign won several awards in the last edition (2019) of the Cannes Lions advertising festival. Twitch is not all about video games, it is also a platform that can host various types of digital or physical events through transmission. From music festivals, performances, eating contests, and much more, there is a variety of branded content that emulates traditional television as we know it.

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And it is that digital events stimulate in the spectators the so-called FOMO or fear of missing something, and platforms like this can be an ideal option to host events thanks to the massive audience that is already there. Crunchyroll is a brand that has already taken advantage of this channel for the development of various events, for example, this year they broadcast their annual awards ceremony there, which are dedicated to anime.E3, one of the most important events in entertainment, has also brought the transmission of what happens to the platform. With the above, it can be understood that there may be an audience for many firms in Brother Cell Phone List various segments, therefore, it is not surprising that this space is also being used for issues such as classes or How-Tos reproduced through streaming. If your brand or product revolves around something that you can teach the audience, it is worth showing it through this tool. A brand that does it is Gymshark, which in case you don’t know, it is a brand of garments precisely created for people who go to the gym to exercise. From its channel, the brand shares live broadcasts of classes or exercise routines that people can follow from their homes. This content has undoubtedly become more important now that the world is under a pandemic and gyms remain closed in different regions.

On Twitch, interviews can also be a great option for brands or companies, as well as creators and public figures. According to the source, interviews and discussions, as well as panel discussions, are simple ways to engage viewers on Twitch that don’t require much in terms of production value. One figure who has taken advantage of this platform at the time was the American politician Bernie Sanders. In addition to his rallies as a candidate that he developed at the time, he took advantage of the platform for various interviews and round tables with figures such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This case is a reflection of the different areas where the platform can intervene, especially if it wants to reach young audiences. Influencer marketing is another way that various brands manage to put their presence in a space like Twitch. Those that do not have their own channel like the previous cases, resort to developing collaborations with influencers who are in this space. They generally do this through sponsored broadcasts to bring the products or services in front of audiences.

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