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How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Platform For Your Business

These are most likely what you’ll be searching for immediately when browsing a potential email platform’s website. The capabilities of your chosen provider determine whether you can fully realize your strategy. Select a provider according to features most likely to accomplish your email strategy’s goals.

You can come across platforms that contain several features, but not all of them — these are still worth paying for if they’re what you’ll be using the most. Identify which key features take priority.

Four key feature sets to examine are:

Templates: Email marketing is nothing without the actual email content, as well as how each is structured. A good email service provider enables you to turn the emails you envision into reality. This means it should have a roster of selectable templates with a variety of flexible, visually attractive, mobile-friendly designs. The email creation tool should be responsive, as well — minimal lag time and the opportunity for further customization from templates is a huge plus.

Many of your subscribers may not even access the internet on a desktop at all anymore. In the first quarter of 2019, 47.96% of global internet traffic came through mobile devices. Don’t miss out on potential conversions and choose an email provider that allows you to adjust templates to fit a range of devices.

2. Delivery Rates
Can you easily find information on an email marketing platform’s website regarding their average delivery rates? If not, contact their customer support and ask — delivery rates should definitely not come as an afterthought.

You want your emails to reach subscribers ’inboxes right when you choose to schedule them, so the measurement of an email platform’s success in this area  Turks and Caicos Islands Email List can impact how well your campaigns perform. Good deliverability also means an email platform can get your messages into subscribers’ inboxes, and not into the spam folder. Look for a minimum of a 98% delivery rate.

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3. Customer Support
Any good SaaS company needs to have stellar customer service. Because of the nature of software, and the nature of services hosted online, it’s inevitable that a platform runs into issues that impact your job.

Treat your email marketing platform as a partner, or extension of your team, by collaborating with their customer service professionals whenever you run into trouble. Not sure how to fully utilize the tools available? They should be able to walk you through the features you need to use. Think you might have accidentally broken your workflows? Ask for help — a member of the support team should be able to help solve any issues.

Cheaper or free providers may have good tools, but resourceful 24/7 customer support is worth the money every time.

4. Available Resources
One problem you may encounter with most email marketing platforms is that they may deactivate accounts that consistently garner low delivery rates. It’s a protective measure against those acting in bad faith or using their services for unwanted spam. However, if you’re just struggling with creating effective campaigns, it can be an unnecessary headache.

Select an email marketing platform that provides the resources you need to improve your email marketing campaigns from strategy phase up until  have already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; execution and evaluation. This can come in the form of an extensive help center, structured guides for clients, customer support, or a simple blog page full of tips and tricks.

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