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How to Make Money Online and Boost Your Business With Your List

You can be the best online marketer, cat groomer, or consultant, and have the best services or products in the world, but are you getting the word out? And, are you getting people to respond? Here are seven quick tips on making sure that your email list works really hard for you.

First, why not consider giving your emails some weight and seriousness by using a volume and issue number? If you do, you’ll be giving your emails a professional “look and feel.” You can either start with Volume One being the current year, or, if you’re feeling cheeky, start with Volume 3! Then give each and subsequent email its own number.

Next, don’t forget to remind your readers that they opted-in to receive communication from you (they did, didn’t they?) I use the function that produces to say something like, “Hi, Bob (use the ) you’re receiving this email from me because you brought my list building products recently…” At first I thought I might lose readers by doing this, but in fact I have found that it provides reassurance.

Third: experiment with giving each email a headline or title. Rather than a bland “Doe’s Top Internet Tips”, give each mail out a title that suggests to your  Investor Leads readers why they should keep on reading i.e. “This Week – How To Make Money Online The Easy Way”.

Fourth: If you have several articles or topics in your email, you could try putting a mini index or table of contents at the beginning. This allows a busy reader the chance to scan your contents quickly – they’ll appreciate the courtesy. (I have found that it’s best to limit the number of articles to three, maximum four.) Also, I prefer not to insert advertisements in the middle of articles because it breaks the flow- but that’s a personal view.)

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Investor Leads

Fifth, make certain not to forget your contact information. It sounds obvious, but many authors do not do this. At the end of your email, always include your name, your company, your business, your phone number, your mailing address, your email address and your web address.

Your autoresponder may well include this in their unsubscribe link, but don’t assume that your reader will find it. Remember – there will be times when your reader will be keen to get in touch with you without necessarily using email (it may be down). You can always use a voicemail number if you don’t want to be disturbed. By the way, I strongly advise that you don’t release a personal or home address. Rent a mailbox or PO box.

Sixth – always provide instructions on how to unsubscribe. At first (before the strong anti-spam legislation became law) I was anxious about this – I didn’t want to encourage people to unsubscribe! And, I agree, it’s a below when someone does leave you. But be polite and don’t make it hard. I get extremely irritated if a business give me the run-around, so to speak, and makes it difficult to unsubscribe. And, if you are savvy, you can always provide a last minute freebie on the unsubscribe page with instructions on how to keep in touch.

Finally, protect your hard work. At the end of your email, post (c) followed immediately  Buy Leads by today’s year and your name (or your company’s name). So, for example, my copyright phrase is (c) 2010 James . This also impacts positively on how people regard you and your brand’s image.

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So, seven quick tips – but each one adds value to your email and shows that customer service matters to you. And remember, a reader is a customer for life. Let me know how it goes. My best to you.

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