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How to maximize your digital campaigns?

In recent years, e-commerce has shown its strength by growing almost exponentially the number of buyers, as well as that of advertisers. Only in 2020 the number of operations grew by 60% in Mexico, as a result of the health emergency that we have had to experience.

Faced with the closure of spaces and physical points of sale, many businesses found it necessary to get on social networks for the first time to promote their businesses, with all that these entails.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the glass depends from where you want to look out email id list bangladesh for see, for many small business owners it has not been the success they thought, since the false beliefs they had have transferred them to the environment, let me explain. Before the appearance of social networks, me dia such as radio or the written press were accessible to medium-sized companies with a budget allocated to advertising, television were major leagues,

so that small businesses could only aspire to driving, the section yellow (very expensive at the time too) or the so famous BTL, which initially represented a good option for this type of business.

With the advent of social media, the advertising industry changed and many people, business owners, have realized it in the last five years.

As of today, in the specific case of Facebook, it is no longer a social network, but a means of communication, with rules and methods that it has been adjusting as they grow; on the one hand the digital community (user experience) and the offer (organic and paid content)

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The times where with $ 300.00 pesos a week we could have a reach of about 7,000 people with 20% interactions and a conversion rate of up to 25% of the messages received for a specific offer, have been left behind.

Today clicks are more expensive, the objectives have been specialized according to their functions, the same ad format no longer works for all placements; the guidelines no longer work for 30 days, now you have to be very specific in how you schedule interactions, the expected reach and therefore sales conversions. The above includes the changes that Facebook has made to its algorithm in the last year, as a result of the elections, the “Fake News” and the Covid.

If you have recently seen the performance of your campaigns affected, your reach and interactions have been reduced or if you are just starting to optimize an advertising account, these are some recommendations that can help you improve the performance of your advertising campaign. It normally takes 90 days to optimize a profile on the different platforms.

Define by month that you want to achieve (not everything is sale, focus on value)
Define well and segment even better, to whom you are going to communicate and how you are going to communicate it; Believing that you can communicate in the same way with someone 25 and 45 is your first mistake; lifestyles are different, even with the same product. Even more so after a year in prison.
Generate at least 6 different audiences to test messages and audience response. What content are you going to share to hook your audiences.
How often are you going to publish twice a day, three times a week, daily

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Regarding valuable content, how many publications are you going to assign a guideline to generate interaction among your digital community?
Every when and how often you must create custom audiences to re-bid, information or products.
What budget do you plan to allocate? For this, the recommendation I can make is that already found a product that you want to buy, before adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover  you allocate between 7% and 12% of what you expect to sell, in marketing tasks (including social networks) based on my experience, I recommend you allocate 15% of what you expect to sell .

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