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How to put your ideas into practice

It is very common for people to have many ideas but at the moment of truth they do not know how to shape them to be able to put them into practice and begin to see progress. In the end, they don’t move forward with any ideas and they stay as they are… What can we do to put our ideas into motion and start seeing progress and results?

The main reason why we get stuck is the same as always: excess information. In this case, excess ideas. This is very common in highly creative people and entrepreneurs who like to learn. Each new thing makes a light bulb light up and ideas arise, although in the end we may have a lot of ideas but they forget or leave them abandoned.

Put ideas into practice

The first recommendation would be to have a notebook (or file on the computer or notepad on the mobile) to write down those ideas and not be forgotten. An exclusive notebook for that, so as soon as we think of something we leave it down, and not only do we not forget it, but it frees your head. In fact, writing things down is very liberating and I highly recommend it.

It is important that it be an exclusive notebook or file for that, that we do not have to break our heads later thinking where we had written that idea that we had the other day. And if you are to point at napkins, then carry a folder to store them or take a photo of them with your mobile or use a tape recorder. The point is to have them all in one place.

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If we are also inspired and want to develop it a little, better than better, then it is very likely that we do not remember well why it seemed such a good idea or what to do from it.

The second step and another reason why many times we get stuck is that who covers a lot, little squeezes. If we have a lot of ideas, we can’t focus on all of them or we won’t achieve anything. So what we have to do now is make a selection of the (or, but a limited number, you should already know your limits) idea that we are going to choose to put into practice now.

We can even prioritize and put a date on each one. For example, if we have come up with ideas for new services or courses for your website, we can determine when we would like to have each one ready (although later we can modify the dates), that will give us a clearer idea of Where to start.

There are things that are feasible in a short time, others will require more time, effort or other resources. Some we will be able to do now and others it may be more realistic to postpone them. For example, if we have a list of courses that we would like to sign up for and we all love them and start more or less at the same time, it is good to think about the time and energy we have.

For me, I sign up for Zumba while pregnant because I don’t feel like it much, I leave it for later. Continuing with dubbing is feasible, an online course, too. Analyze all your current resources: interest, energy, time, money.

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Once we have established our priorities and have chosen where to start, much of the chaos will disappear and we will feel more focused and motivated. Now  Dubai Email Database is the time to think about what exactly that idea requires. There are people who just knowing where to start do not need more and are able to move forward and see progress. But maybe you are still somewhat blocked because, even if you have chosen, you do not know how to put it into practice. In that case this is what you can do:

Divide it into parts that, depending on your time availability, will be more or less large. For example, I have a client with an intense job who also has many unforeseen events, so if her objectives are too big, she does not advance because she does not have time to carry them out.

In his case, it was very useful to divide each project into micro-tasks that he could carry out in the little moments he had between unforeseen events, and that is how he felt that he was progressing (and in fact he did, of course , but many times it is just as important to feel it as to do it).

As before, if you can, put an estimated date on each part and order them by importance. What will move your project the most forward right now? That is your priority.

Start with the first and if you see that it is too much, you have not calculated well, so divide it again into smaller steps.

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The point is that you have to be very clear about what you have to do with each idea. That you see your list of ideas and say “this one for next month, this one I will consider again later, this one I start now.”

So you don’t worry about the rest until it hits. And regarding the chosen one, you also have to be very clear about the steps to follow, so that when you get to work you don’t have to think about what to do or where to start, just  to  Buy Leads the basket googlo get going. This is how you will see progress and results. And this is applicable both to your business and to your profession and personal life.

What part are you going to put into practice?

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