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IKEA makes Imma the star of its new campaign and the result is great

IKEA chose Imma to make her the protagonist of its latest campaign and explore the concept of “happiness at home”.70 percent of teens and young people trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. For a couple of years it has been anticipated that VTubers or virtual influencers will be the next step in influencer marketing and what IKEA has done is the best example of this. Although the effectiveness of this marketing sub-discipline has been questioned, it is certainly trusted by consumers. In this regard, just remember data from the Digital Marketing Institute, 70 percent of adolescents and young people tend to trust these new influencers Georgia Mobile Database more than traditional celebrities. And, it is not about generational segments, the millennials, and even Gen X and Baby Boomers have had contact with some figure of this type without completely identifying it. In that sense, what was done by IKEA is unleashed in its most recent marketing campaign in which its brand ambassador and protagonist is Imma, a virtual influencer. This is a creative initiative entitled IKEA with Imma, which was executed last weekend at the brand’s store in Harajuku, located in Tokyo, Japan, in which the retailer wanted to explore the concept of “happiness at home”.

This was through the recreation of a room in one of the store’s sideboards, in which for three days the public who walked down the street could observe Imma’s ‘life’ and how she enjoyed each of the spaces ( And furniture).To achieve this, IKEA detailed that LED screens were used inside the physical rooms to project the appearance of a real living space that was enjoyed by the virtual influencer. The result is surprising, if it happened near the sideboard and you don’t pay too much attention it could pass for a real human and not for a computer-generated one. It certainly may sound expensive, but paying this to a ‘real’ influencer could be very expensive. Instead, appealing Brother Cell Phone List to a virtual figure with a large fan base to connect with the roughly 110,000 daily visitors in Harajuku can be a great move and an interesting twist on influencer marketing. Imma’s case with IKEA is not new, in fact, the virtual figure has around 250 thousand followers on Instagram, as well as more than 165 thousand on TikTok, it is already managed by a talent agency for “virtual humans” and has worked with other brands.

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An example of this is their participation in the launch of a new Magnum ice cream flavor in China. A few months ago, she was in charge of several digital marketing actions designed by Fred & Farid Shanghai, for the brand owned by Unilever. Actions of this type show how the presence of virtual influencers will grow more and more, some of them already have an important weight in social networks; Lil Miquela, who has participated with Calvin Klein, or Noonoouri who has appeared along with Kim Kardashian in activations for brands in the style of Dolce & Gabanna, are just a couple of examples. In fact, according to data from the Profit Calculator for Instagram Influencers, some of these figures can generate income of 10 million euros (about 261 million pesos), a figure that, according to OnBuy calculations, is 353 times more than what workers earn on average in Europe.

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