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Inbound marketing to get Business leads

Currently, consumers in general are over saturated with advertising impacts in all media, both digital and traditional, so it is increasingly difficult for brands to connect with them.

On the other hand, people have changed and most of the time they are immersed in the network, whether to search for information for work, informational, professional updating or entertainment purposes.

This on the one hand represents a challenge due to the tough content competition, but on the other the opportunity to offer quality content to an audience eager for information, instead of attacking it with invasive advertising.

This is what inbound marketing is all about and to talk about the subject in more depth with Hans Hatch, the Rando MKT program had yesterday as a guest Rosa María Martínez, an expert in digital marketing, in the content part and is currently a content market manager at

TThe term lead magnet that became part of the digital marketing vocabulary for a few years now is something that actually already existed in some way in traditional marketing, as the driving tests offered by automotive companies, free samples of perfumes and Tastings are nothing more than a strategy that follows the same principle: give something free before purchase to get closer to potential customers and encourage them to complete the purchase process.

Today that times have changed, although many brands continue to offer free samples and gifts, this has been adapted to a digital environment, which has been taken advantage of by many business-to-business businesses and companies that offer products and services whose nature does not lend itself to giving. “Free trials”. Thus, today we know that there is something that can become more appreciated by consumers: valuable content.

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The lead magnet, as part of inbound marketing, is content that provides added value and is offered free in exchange for the contact and their data, as a kind of convenient exchange for both advertisers and consumers.

In addition, the type of content, its quality and tone, communicate to the consumer what type of company it is and what level of quality its products or services have, which can generate interest, confidence and a decision directed to the purchase on the part of the prospects we want to convert into customers.

Advantages and recommendations
One of the great advantages of inbound marketing is that it is not invasive. On the contrary, it can become that gift of value that users appreciate and even seek, unlike traditional advertising, which consumers are saturated with and their natural reaction is one of rejection, from zapping, mail envelopes direct mailings that end up closed in the trash , mailings that never open until the AdBlock skip button.

A very common mistake in the implementation of inbound marketing strategies is to feel the great urgency of creating a large amount of content, when it is preferable that it be few, but of quality. And for that barbara creecy email address the first thing that must be done, first of all, is to know the buyer person in depth, through the detailed creation of characters, beyond simple demographic, socioeconomic or cultural information.

Once you have defined your profile or different profiles, the campaign objectives and the stages of the sales funnel, you can start creating content that really generates engagement, in the most appropriate platforms and formats according to the message and type of audience.

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In the same way, the same idea can be adapted to different pieces for and having clear the objective and call to action of each one: download an e-book, participate in a webinar or masterclass, register on the landing page or visit the website .

Aligned with all this, it is important that the contents are personalized as far as possible and that they relate in some way to what is being sold. Finally, the criteria for a good SEO positioning must be taken into adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower,  account Well, the best content is useless if it is not found and it is also advisable to remember that it is a medium and long-term strategy, and not immediate sales.

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