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#LadyMiMuchacha: classist comment puts the Movimiento Ciudadano party in check

The expressions in this message earned Luqué Rangel all kinds of criticism, which were guided by the hashtag #LadyMiMuchacha. Social media has become more than just entertainment platforms. This premise becomes even clearer when looking at what public figures or employees of big brands publish in these spaces and now the latest example comes from #LadyMiMuchacha, a substitute senator backed by the Movimiento Ciudadano political party. And it is that less than a month after this political force had to stand against the expressions of Senator Belize Mobile Database Samuel García, which were described as sexist, now the aforementioned political party has had to demand a public apology from Marcela Luqué Rangel, alternate of Senator Indira Kempis Martínez, for posting a series of messages on her social networks where she refers to a domestic worker as “my girl”. The problem took place over the weekend when the senator supplement of the Citizen Movement published a message in which she assured the following: “My girl’s husband died today, we didn’t know if it was because of covid or something else, if I don’t lend her money, they won’t let her remove the body, what do people do who don’t have a way to get their people out of public hospitals? They do not leave without first settling the account, that they pay, they pay ”.

The expressions in this message earned Luqué Rangel all kinds of criticisms, which were guided by the hashtag #LadyMiMuchacha, a tag that right now ranks as one of the most important trends in social networks with 14.1 thousand related tweets, according to the figures provided by Twitter at the end of this note. Things did not stop there and after receiving these criticisms, the woman responded to the accusations by calling “nachos” and “dogs” to users who described her comments as racist. To the first message, the substitute added one more that, although it was later deleted, indicated: “my slave who supports domestic chores, thank God and me, was able to bury her husband, I’m sorry, the man with whom she successfully married. And they Brother Cell Phone List charged him in a public hospital for taking him out of her to bury him ”.Given the events and the expected relationship with the image of the Citizen Movement party, the political force made a surprise to its alternate senator who since yesterday afternoon is nicknamed #LadyMiMuchacha.In a statement published from its official social networks, Movimiento Ciudadano condemned “the discriminatory expressions made today by Marcela Luqué Rangel through her social networks” and from the State Operating Commission, I ask the woman to offer a public apology.

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He added that “Luqué Rangel’s expressions do not represent the principles or ideals of the Nuevo León Citizen Movement, an institute committed to respecting the rights and dignity of all people.”Faced with this request, #LadyMiMuchacha responded by stating “I am not going to apologize for saying, my girl… This is how we speak in NL… And I also say my driver and my uncle, even if it is not, they are always idioms and they have nothing to do with being derogatory! Contemptuous that people are charged for health services that should be free! That is!”.Details of this nature are what they do, in principle, gain or lose credibility in the speech and, in a second moment, improve the confidence indices that in the field of political marketing is a very important indicator that should always be kept up to date. rise. The issue is particularly important if we consider that, according to the 2019 Trust Barometer signed by Edelman, the government is the figure that Mexicans trust the least (34 percent). Entities such as companies (71 percent), NGOs (72 percent), and employers (82 percent) take credit among citizens in terms of credibility on the ways to solve the problems that afflict society.

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