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Microsoft reveals the price of the Xbox Series S and this will put PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in trouble

After a media leak, Microsoft reacted quickly and confirmed the launch and price of the Xbox Series S.
Microsoft had to confirm the existence and price of the Xbox Series. The so-called console war appears to be about to intensify after Microsoft’s announcement on Tuesday about the Xbox Series S, one that will put PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in a tight spot. Apparently, Redmond is betting on an aggressive strategy to connect with gamers combining a robust offer of titles and services, with an ‘accessible’ price. The announcement was Bangladesh Mobile Database surprising, in the middle of the morning of Tuesday, Microsoft launched a publication on Twitter confirming the existence of the Xbox Series S and its price. It is a sudden reaction to a leak from Windows Central, which reported with details on the design and price of the next-generation console. In response, the company details in its publication that the Xbox Series S offers “next-generation performance in the smallest Xbox ever” and confirms that the price will be $ 299 (about 6,500 pesos).

But, as often happens in these cases of ‘leaks’, they generally result in a positive effect for brands as Microsoft has been positioned as a trend on Twitter for several hours, so that much of the conversation revolves around the positive opinions of users and his challenge to Sony to make a similar offer for the PlayStation 5.With more than 56 thousand related tweets, the Redmond firm has gained prominence on the social network. When making a query with TweetReach, we found that the last hundred publications related to the label register a reach of more than one million 952 thousand accounts, as well as an exposure that exceeds 2,240 thousand Brother Cell Phone List impressions. A similar effect is observed when making another query, but this one with the Xbox Series S label, which has a reach greater than 373 thousand accounts, as well as an exposure greater than 428 thousand impressions. Why is it a headache for PlayStation and Nintendo? Beyond the design that gamers may or may not like, the reality is that Microsoft seems to have formed a robust strategy that will generate great opportunities to connect with the consumer. For example, Windows Central points out in its report that the S Series and the X Series will be launched on November 10, in the case of the high-end console, it is limited that its price will be $ 499 (about 10 thousand 849 pesos), the same price that is speculated for the PlayStation 5.

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The goal, according to a report on CNBC, is to launch the console Microsoft before Sony to fly enter the holiday season and compete with Nintendo Switch that just had its Direct in which he made a long list of releases. Although the price could not be enough to compete with the two great ones of the console war, according to WC, the Halo producer would also launch a payment plan to sell more devices; Consumers could buy an Xbox Series X for $ 35 per month (about 760 pesos) or the Xbox Series S with a $ 25 per month plan (about 543 pesos). Another factor with which Microsoft could appeal to attract more gamers is that it launches two proposals, the X Series with 4K game reading, but the S Series with a resolution of 1440p with a rate that can reach 120 FPS, this is important Because the reality is that few players already have 4K technology. And, finally, another resource that could stone the offer is the Xbox Game Pass that, according to specialized media, combines the Xbox catalog and Windows PCs.

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