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Mobile Phone Backup – How Do You Do It?

Every 3 minutes, a mobile is lost or stolen in the UK. Do you have a backup of the priceless numbers stored in your SIM and handset? What SIM backup options are available to the millions of mobile phone owners in the world today?

1. Paper

There’s nothing like the old fashioned paper method. Keep an up to date list in a safe an memorable place somewhere in your house. It’s a free option and provided you keep the list up to date is reliable. On the down side, your list can get lost, could fall into the wrong hands and is not accessible remotely.

2. E-Format

Because most of us use a PC, you could keep a backup of your contact list in a spreadsheet or document and Czech Republic cell phone numbers  save it on your PC or floppy disc. Again this is a free option and as reliable as the previous one. It is more secure than paper as you are less likely to lose the list and it is less likely to fall into the wrong hands.

On the down side, there is a risk you could lose the data if your PC crashed or was damaged, the data could become  Czech Republic cell phone numbers corrupt as often happens with some files, the floppy could become damaged, and the data is not accessible remotely.

Czech-Republic Phone Number List

3. Spare Phone

Some people backup their numbers onto a spare handset. Again this option is free because you already own the spare handset. You may also be able to restore contact details direct to your new handset by  Czech Republic cell phone numbers transferring the backup SIM card into the new phone and extracting the data. On the downside, the spare phone is easily lost and is not accessible remotely unless you carry it around with you.

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4. SIM Backup Device

These are small electronic mass produced items which accept a SIM card, and you can download up to 200 records into the memory. They very cheap at around £5 and can fit onto your keyring. On the downside, they are easily lost or damaged, unreliable and cannot be accessed remotely. True you can bring with you, but if you lost your phone you could not access the data without using another SIM card.

5. An online backup service

These are online backup services which are login and password controlled. You either purchase or subscribe to their services and can enter your phone numbers online by filling in details manually or via text message. The quantity of data you can enter varies from a 100 numbers to unlimited.

Some also allow you to add details of handset, SIM and battery serial numbers. Some also have a WAP service which means you can access your backup remotely. On the downside with some you have to add the details by hand which can take 10 or 15 minutes depending on how many numbers you need to add and some you have to pay to access your numbers.

6. Network Provider Service

Most major network provides will offer backup services at a cost depending on the level of service you want. This might allow you to relentlessly transmit address book data, text messages, photos and videos which will be stored on their server. If you need to restore your data to a new handset with the same network, this can be achieved quickly and wireless.

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On the downside, this can be expensive, it is also dependent on the type of handset, it might not be portable to another Buy Leads  network, so your data might be lost if you switch provider and it is not accessible remotely in the sense you would be unable to lookup a number from a PC or WAP phone.

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