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Netflix reconsiders: It once again offers a trial period in Mexico for 1 peso per month

Netflix invites users to discover the service in Mexico for a cost of just 1 peso for a 30-day trial.
Towards March of last year, Netflix announced from its page that the trial month it offered to its potential new users would be eliminated in several markets worldwide, including Mexico. While various examples have shown that free trial periods work to attract new customers, Netflix’s decision at the time had to do with enhancing the value that its brand has among audiences as well as identifying those users to deliver true. value to your business plans. From Xataka, at that time, the company issued a position on this movement, which makes the previous premise clear: “We are testing the availability and duration of a free trial to better understand the value Kuwait Mobile Database of Netflix to consumers. These tests generally vary in duration and by region, and may not be permanent. “In this way, the streaming platform wanted to discover the value that its brand has for users and perhaps demonstrate that the trial period is not necessary to conquer the pupil of increasingly demanding audiences. Although a year ago this decision caused all kinds of annoyances among users, the truth is that for Netflix it seems to have made no difference in the number of subscribers captured. This indicator has been on the rise for almost a decade and with recent events, the pace of acceleration has become even faster.

Thus, it is important to mention that during the last new years, the number of subscribers added by the service of Los Gatos, California, increased by 797.42 percent, rising from 21.5 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2011 to 192.95 million in the same period of 2020. To be more precise, during the first quarter of this year alone, Netflix added 10.09 million new subscribers worldwide. Given these figures, it is possible to affirm that the strategy worked; However, now the company has decided to reconsider, and now again a message can be seen announcing the return of the trial period for markets such as Spanish and Mexican. In the last hours, a message Brother Cell Phone List appeared on Netflix’s home page inviting users to learn about the service in a trial system that, although not free, in Mexico costs just 1 peso for a 30-day trial. The offer is limited to new users of the service. The same message was observed in the Spanish market, where the first month of the service is offered for just 5 euro cents. To a large extent, this may respond to the need for Netflix, now to gain market in the face of more complex and stronger competition, where although brand strength has a role, competition will be fought by some subscribers and, above all, the time of user that each competing platform is capable of capturing.

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For Netflix, the great competitor could be Disney +, a platform that a few months after hitting the market has proven to have the right weapons to dominate the market. A recent report on the behavior of the platform in the last two months indicated that Disney + has already exceeded 50 million subscribers globally. This seems little when compared to the millions of subscribers that Netflix has, it can be said that it is only a quarter. However, the great success is that it reached them in less than half a year and grew by 22 million subscribers compared to its last report given two months ago. This means that in about 6 months, Disney + has managed to get 27 percent of the users that Netflix owns, after almost 13 years in the market. Now the time when Disney will reach the key figure of 150 million users seems to have an arrival date, at least as indicated by Brett Feldman, managing director of Goldman Sachs, who indicated that it would be around 2025 when Walt Disney could reach the 150 million subscribers to his streaming service. The return of the trial month can be a measure to counteract this growth and not lose to a giant that emerges strongly from the hand of Micke Mouse.

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