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Online extracurricular education grows due to pandemic

The protection of the pandemic forced the world educational system to migrate to virtual teaching models, which requires more efficient methodologies, capable of maintaining the attention of students, modifying the way not only of transmitting knowledge, but also of acquiring it.

This, in addition to academic teaching for students, has given a great lesson to the world, in which we learned that online education is not only possible, but also necessary in a globalized world that evolves with increasing speed.

Therefore, in the face of a return to the classroom that seems ever closer, distance education will prevail as part of hybrid school systems and as an extracurricular activity complementary to conventional studies of children and adolescents, but also as a tool for professionals and in general , anyone who seeks to reinforce or acquire new knowledge in any field, which has become more common due to the free time that confinement brought as a consequence.

New educational alternatives For all this, the so-called Ed Tech or technology education companies have currently acquired a leading role in teaching, projecting themselves as the future for the development  Barbados Email Address of skills, since the speed with which the educational environment moves requires a system adapted to the new generations and your needs, such as focusing on practical tools to apply to the real world.

As a consequence of the health contingency, EdTech companies have made their way around the world in an unusual way, as evidenced by Coursera’s IPO on Nasdaq, with a value greater than 6,000 million dollars; MasterClass that quadrupled in value in less than a year, exceeding 2,000 million dollars; and BYJU’S, which, with an increase in value from 1,000 to 15,000 million dollars, managed to establish itself as the most valuable EdTech in the world.

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In this way, the evolution that has transformed other sectors is reaching education, where we see more and more startups with new proposals, such as Crehana, which has more than 5 million students in Latin America and seeks to focus on Mexico, where with one million students it represents 20% of the users.

This Peruvian online course platform experienced an increase of up to 300% in new users amid the pandemic, showing the highest growth between May and August 2020, as well as one million new students in the first semester of 2021.

Part of their success is due, perhaps, to the fact that they promote blended education, in which they integrate online streaming classes with a teacher, mentoring spaces with specialists in different areas and pre-recorded courses, following programs from different countries, which is good it could lay the foundation for the education of the future.

Where is education going?
According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography, INEGI, in the last 13 months, 5.3 million Mexicans left their studies partly due to the economic crisis triggered by the pandemic and, on the other hand, due to the lack of alternatives to face-to-face education, since the health crisis forced the closure of schools and not all were prepared or with the necessary technological support for virtual education.

With facts like this, we can see a panorama in which growth towards a different education is prevailing, which is more accessible not only in price but also in the way of teaching, with a more practical approach in terms of formats, content, times, formats and flexibility.

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After the pandemic, universities and schools will not be able to continue existing as we know them; They will have to evolve to hybrid platforms in which they can learn more quickly, with a better focus and obtaining applicable information in online learning platforms, from the hand of teachers who, more than knowledge authorities, act as mentors.

Every day practical knowledge, specialization and soft skills are more important for companies when selecting personnel for management positions, more than university degrees themselves and proof of this are the significant investments they make to train their employees as well in through platforms

e-learning. So, if the world of work took a drastic turn and schools seek to prepare people adding it to  Buy Leads the basket googlo it; You will be able to discover if in another store the price is lower,  for work, the logical thing is that education evolves in the same direction as companies.

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